Hilarious Liverpool, Everton, Man Utd and Man City kits for 2024-25 according to AI

A look at how AI predicts Premier League clubs - including Liverpool and Everton - could kit out next season

AI, like the internet before it, is the hot topic of our age. Fearmongers are warning governments around the world about the dangers of the technology.

Social media apps like Snapchat are already engraining AI into their software, offering a ChatGPT-style service to its users free of charge. But are the warnings genuine? Could we be in danger further down the track?

If images from Microsoft CoPilot's image generator are anything to go by, the human race should be fine - for now. LiverpoolWorld has used the technology to create next season's kit for all 20 Premier League clubs.

Admittedly, some designs are innovative and would go down well if used in reality. However, most are hilarious, with spelling mistakes and incorrect colours just many of the erroneous shirts conjured up by the software.

According to PR Marketing, Liverpool sold 1.8 million kits last season - more than any other Premier League club. That is a fractional more than the 1.75 million Manchester United, in second place, managed to offload.

Will Reds supporters be queueing outside the club shop to buy this one? We are not so sure. As for Everton, they need to look the part for their last campaign at Goodison Park.

It remains to be seen whether the AI-generated design will be worn in the Premier League as Sean Dyche battles valiantly to keep the club in the division. LiverpoolWorld has had a bit of fun when generating these sometimes comical images - here is the list in full.

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