Liverpool FC: More than a football club - life saving fans, Jurgen Klopp’s mum & hold your scarf high, Adam

In a year of mostly misery, Liverpool fans and players rallied together to forge a deeper bond.

It’s safe to say the year of 2021, like 2020, hasn’t been great.

The emergence of Covid variants, and starting the year in a lockdown with heavy restrictions made 2021 one many may want to forget.

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Despite all the bad news, with the light fading at the end of the tunnel, there has been a steady supply of tear jerking gestures and goodwill at Liverpool FC.

The bond that has been forged for years between the club and its fans over the years is unbreakable, but that’s what happens when you experience heartbreak and jubilation together.

As we approach the end of one year, a new one will soon begin - here are eight examples of how players, coaches and fans of Liverpool FC have put kindness ahead of everything else in 2021 and made us proud to not only support Liverpool FC but proud of where we come from.

1) Harvey Elliot - Giving his boots and top to a fan

Usually this wouldn’t make a list like this, as players regularly give their jerseys and boots to fans, as a sign of appreciation for their support. However, when Leeds played Liverpool at Elland Road in early September, a heavy challenge on 18-year-old Harvey Elliot caused the teen sensation to suffer a dislocated ankle.

Subsequently, Elliot, after lengthy treatment on the pitch was taken to hospital.

An U14 footballer from the North East Junior Football Club, named Jacob had broken his wrist earlier in the day playing for his own club, and as chance would have it, Elliot and Jacob ended up side by side in the hospital.

The Liverpool winger gave the youngster his match worn boots that he had worn in the game, his match worn jersey he still had with him, and the pair chatted for a while, which resulted in a bitter, but very sweet day for the 14 year old, and despite being in pain and having a dislocated ankle, took time to bond with Jacob.

2) Changing of the number on the shirt.

Andrew Devine sadly passed away this year, after suffering life changing injuries back in 1989, at the Hillsborough disaster. Due to this, Liverpool recognised he was the 97th fatality from that day, and changed the number on the top of the back of their jerseys to 97, replacing 96.

3) YNWA banner

Jurgen Klopp’s mother sadly passed away earlier this year. Losing a parent is understandably very tough, but not being able to attend their funeral must bring an unimaginable pain. Due to Covid restrictions, Klopp was unable to attend his mother’s funeral. Liverpool fans made it clear he wasn’t alone, as Liverpool fans draped a massive banner outside of Anfield, that read “Jurgen Klopp, YNWA”.

Jurgen Klopp has always enjoyed a close relationship with Liverpool fans, and this was seen when Klopp’s mother passed away

4) Trent Alexander-Arnold Football League

Trent Alexander-Arnold is paying for around 250 kids to play in a local football league. Inflating at grass-roots level is growing, and many kids are being priced out of football due to sub money, training fees, kit fees, and boots being expensive.

Due to this, Alexander-Arnold set up the ‘Trent Alexander-Arnold Football League’ in Toxteth to allow five and six year olds their first route in to the game, showing that despite him earning millions, and establishing himself as one of the best right-backs in the world, he is still giving back to the community.

Club: Liverpool, Whoscored rating: 7.7, Overall rank in Liverpool’s squad: 2nd. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

5) Names in the tunnel

Season ticket holders for Liverpool have had their names installed in the tunnel at Anfield, as a sign of gratitude for the fans for their continued support throughout the pandemic.

The names of 27,000 season ticket holders and seasonal hospitality numbers were etched into the tunnel, and fans were contacted to see if they would be interested in their name being included in the project.

6) Young girl meets meets man who saved her life

Ethan, a die-hard Liverpool fan got to meet the person whose life he saved, via Bone Marrow transplant.

He saved the life of Libbie, whose family then messaged Liverpool, to see how they could express their gratitude for what Ethan did.

And, in partnership with Nivea Men, they helped to unite the pair, and show Ethan how grateful they are.

Ethan believed he was going to Anfield for a stadium tour, and Liverpool goalkeeper walked past Ethan, and this is where the real reason why he was there ensued.

In emotional scenes, he got to meet Libbie, and her mum, with Alisson also joining them in the middle of the pitch where in person they discussed what Ethan did, and how much it meant to them.

They then enjoyed general chit chat with each other and the Liverpool ‘keeper.

A classy touch from the reds, who gave Ethan a day to remember, in light of his incredibly kind act.

7) Hold your scarf up high, Adam.

Adam Kent was just five-years-old when he was told he had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic condition that causes an individual’s health to deteriorate over time.

This means Adam can’t walk, use his hands or carry out tasks such as brushing teeth, or lifting up a Liverpool FC scarf above his head.

Adam and his brother - who also suffers from the same condition were hit with further bad news, when it was revealed that they were also suffering with heart failure.

Adam had spent months trying to raise money to fund his purchase of a robotic arm, and his fundraising and story made it’s way to Liverpool FC, who worked together with Rahana Life to give Adam the chance to trial a JACO assistive robotic arm, and live out his lifelong dream of holding aloft a scarf at Anfield.

As well as the assistance in acquiring the robotic limb, Liverpool invited Adam and his family to watch the game from a box, where Liverpool won 2-0.

Adam got to be like all the other Liverpool fans, like this one pictured

8) Pay up, Jamie!

Minnows Marine Football Club lost around £20,000, which is a massive deal to them, after a sponsor pulled out of their game against Spurs when Liverpool was put into tier three in early January 2021.

Jamie Carragher stepped in to cover the entire £20,000 lost, as his foundation, JC23 sponsored the match.