Premier League table without VAR: six point swing for Liverpool, Everton change revealed - gallery

Have Liverpool and Everton gained or lost points under the VAR?

With the Premier League past its halfway stage, the likes of Liverpool and Everton will be hoping for a far more successful second-half to the season after a stuttering start to the campaign.

However, Liverpool would be even worse off without VAR as they would have found themselves with six less points than they have now according to the computations of ESPN’s VAR guru Dale Johnson.

The Reds have had four goals disallowed for their opponents. Two of those goals came at crucial times in games and those four goals in total were more than any other team have had ruled out.

On the other side of Stanley Park, Everton would actually be better off.

Take a look at the full non-VAR Premier League standings as of February 6....

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