What Dermot Gallagher has said about controversial Tottenham vs Liverpool moment

It was a moment that could have changed the entire outcome of the Premier League match.

Harry Kane got 'really lucky' was he avoided a red card in Liverpool's 2-2 draw with Tottenham Hotspur.

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher is adamant the Spurs captain should have been given his marching orders for his lunge on Andy Robertson in the first half of Sunday's encounter.


Only moments after giving Tottenham a 13th-minute lead, Kane few into a tackle with Robertson.

Referee Paul Tierney only produced a yellow card and the challenge was not reviewed by VAR.

The incident was a hot topic of conversation at the full-time whistle, with Jurgen Klopp insisting Kane should have been given a red.


Gallagher concurred with the Liverpool manager.

The Irishman told Sky Sports: "I feel like Kane has got really lucky where the referee has looked at the height of the boot. Both players are lucky to be honest - Kane's lucky he's gone across the ground and catches him on the ankle.

“Robertson is very lucky because if his leg was planted, he would have a broken leg.

"I think the only reason the referee has kept him on the field is the height of the boot. It does tick a lot of the boxes.

"The VAR is also a referee and he gets the same coaching and training as the on-field referee. I don't know [if Kane would have been sent off if Tierney went to the monitor] because the referees both have the same mindset with how high the boot was.

"The easier option and more palatable option if a red card had come out, no one would have dissented."


Robertson’s red

Andy Robertson is in disbelief after being sent off in Liverpool’s draw at Totenham. Picture: Julian Finney/Getty Images

There was to be a sending off in the entertaining draw at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - and it went to Robertson.

Having headed home Liverpool's second goal, his swipe on Emerson Royal saw him sent for an early bath in the 77th minute.

That decision was subject to a VAR review after Tierney initially branded a yellow card.

Gallagher believes it was the correct call.


He added: "I think the right decision was reached [on Robertson]. He's had a swipe at Emerson Royal. He's not got anywhere near the ball and he's gone with intensity and speed.

"I saw it at the time and thought it would be a red card. I was surprised when a yellow card came out and I wasn't surprised when it was recommended to go to the review panel.

"Having gone to the review panel and seen what we've seen, I thought it was inevitable the red card would come out.

"I wouldn't say it is inevitable [that a decision will be overturned when the referee is sent to the pitchside monitor] because the referee still retains all options.

"He is going to the review screen however because the VAR feels he's made a clear and obvious error and if he's made a clear and obvious error in his mind, without doubt, when you are going over there it makes you feel like you are looking for something you haven't seen or I'm looking to see something I did see that hasn't occurred.”