When exactly Jurgen Klopp and his staff found out that FSG put Liverpool up for sale

Fenway Sports Group have put Liverpool up for sale.

Pep Lijnders revealed that Jurgen Klopp and himself have known about FSG’s intention to look for new Liverpool investors for the past week-and-a-half.

News broke on Monday afternoon that FSG are looking into selling the Reds. Certainly it came as a surprise to supporters, with the American group being in charge since 2010 and restored Liverpool back to the top of European football in that time.

But Lijnders, taking media duties ahead of tomorrow’s Carabao Cup third-round tie against Derby County tomorrow, admitted he was informed of FSG’s plan before it was broken in the press.

Liverpool’s assistant manager told reporters: “Everything that I know is what you guys know. I should ask you guys the question, probably. It’s in the statement, it says very clear that they are searching for investors.

“That’s what we knew that’s what we knew we probably one-and-a-half weeks ago. We probably did not think it would come out now, it’s come out now, all fine.

“What I said is I like about this club and our structure is that we’re used to rumours around. We focus on what matters and what matters is preparing for Derby because we want to and compete in the this, do what we did last year and go far and reach Wembley.

“Our focus goes to this. We know putting players on the pitch tomorrow with experience, with talent, again creating a new generation of player and that is what is in our mind. We don’t have control anyway so why would we?”