Eight of the most exciting new movie and TV releases filmed in Liverpool - Peaky Blinders, Dali Land

With Anne and The Responder bringing national attention to Liverpool once more, we look at eight of the most exciting new releases filmed or produced in the city.

The amount of screen time Liverpool has been getting recently has been increasing, with shows like Anne and The Responder not only using city scenes as a backdrop but focusing their stories in Merseyside.

Late last year we saw the construction of the ‘Hollywood of the North’ studio at The Depot, which will give the region, already used to playing host to national favourites like Hollyoaks, even more clout in the industry.

So when will Liverpool next be emerging on your screen?

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    Here are eight of the most exciting movies, television shows and upcoming releases featuring our city.

    Peaky Blinders S6

    Peaky Blinders is set to return for its final season next week. Pictured: Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson), John Shelby (Joe Cole), Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy).

    Liverpool has already been featured in Peaky Blinders as almost a regularity since the early days of the show and this year it will be returning at a date to be confirmed.

    Cillian Murphy and the already star-studded cast will be joined this time around by Scouse favourite Stephen Graham (using his native accent) for the sixth and final season of the show.

    So expect to see the waterfront once more, and maybe another Italian gangster or two getting pinched at the Cunard building.

    Release date: 27 February

    Dali Land

    Sir Ben Kingsley takes the helm and fan-favourite Ezra Miller feature in this film about the later life of famed eccentric Salvador Dali.

    Much of the filming was done within the walls of the Adelphi, which was recreated to resemble The St. Regis, a New York hotel where Dali spent his winters and a large portion of the sixties.

    Given the star-studded cast, filming for this one was quiet and under the radar, but it is Dali so fans should expect sublime ridiculousness, and even some familiar sights.

    Release date: TBC

    The Ipcress File

    Joe Cole (of Peaky Blinders fame) will be assuming a role once belonging to the iconic Michael Caine when he takes on the equally as iconic British spy Harry Palmer for The Ipcress File.

    For the show, London and Berlin in the sixties was recreated here in Merseyside, with support from the Liverpool Film Office’s LCR Production Fund

    Fans should watch out for any tell-tale signs of Liverpool when watching this thriller.

    Release date: March TBC

    The Curse

    Late last summer residents of Ormond Street were sent a letter about disruption that was to take place with the filming of a new TV show in the area.

    That show turned out to be The Curse, a new series from the teams behind People Just Do Nothing and Murder in Successville.

    It follows Allan Mustafa (finally out of his MC Grindah persona) and co as the hopeless crooks who accidentally tangle themselves in the one of the biggest gold heists in history.

    Release date: February 6, available on iPlayer

    Funny Girl

    Sky Original is adapting Nick Hornby’s novel of the same name about a young woman from Blackpool finding her voice in the male-dominated world of 1960’s sitcoms after moving to London with high expectations.

    Star Gemma Arterton and co-stars Rupert Everett and David Threlfall were on set in Liverpool late last year and viewers should expect to see their characters amidst familiar landmarks, though adjusted to look like London.

    Release date: TBC


    This four-part drama was produced by Liverpool’s own LA Productions and the Stockholm-based Eccho Rights.

    The series follows a local paramedic who, after a fatal train crash is sent on a downward spiral struggling against Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a gambling addiction that leaves her with a sizeable debt to the wrong people.

    Release date: TBC

    Midas Man

    Perhaps the most Liverpool of all of these, Midas Man tracks the short life of music manager-extraordinaire Brian Epstein, famed for popularising the Beatles, and other acts like Cilla Black and Gerry and the Pacemakers.

    Filming began in Liverpool in October, though due to a turnover of directors it was briefly taken abroad to the US. It is scheduled to return after a short haitus on filming this year.

    Release date:  TBC

    Bolan’s Shoes

    This film is a loose echo of the story of glam rock superstar Marc Bolan and his band T-Rex, though decidedly not a biopic.

    Last summer, star Timothy Spall was spotted donned with a Rasputin-esque head of hair on the streets of Liverpool alongside Line of Duty’s Leanne Best, who is, funnily enough, the niece of the original Beatle Pete Best, who will feature in Midas Man.

    Release date: TBC