SME Certification Centre supports client sustainability

In light of COP26, businesses have a growing responsibility to undertake environmentally sustainable practices and mitigate any potential damage to the environment – and one company can help you get ahead of the rest with recognised certification and support from £100 per year.

Your business can help do its bit to solve the climate crisis.
Your business can help do its bit to solve the climate crisis.

The SME Certification Centre, which through its founder has over 20 years’ experience of running and supporting SMEs working on various management systems, provides a simple and inexpensive service for SMEs who want to meet key business standards. With customers more socially conscious than ever before, this certification is something that every business needs for peace of mind and to demonstrate credentials to clients, suppliers, investors and employees.

“Certification is something that’s really good for your company,” says Chris Starling, the Director at the SME Certification Centre. “When you’re discussing businesses opportunities, sustainability practices are something you may well be asked about, and you want to be able to say with assuredness that you’re certified for those goals. It’s something that, quite rightly, means a lot to people.”

The SME Certification Centre will help you build, assess and certify systems to get you where you need to be. Based on the principles of ISO, SME Standards provide a simpler alternative management system standard that enable SMEs to implement good management disciplines in order to give their customers confidence in their use of good practice. It also shows commitment to improvement and, importantly, to achieve the cost savings that come from effective management systems.

This 12-month certification can put your business ahead of the competition.

When visiting the SME Certification Centre website, simply select the standards you require and the site will guide you through the rest.

For example, if your business goal is to monitor and improve carbon footprint standards, helping you do your bit to solve the climate crisis for future generations, you can select that option on the website and be walked through the rest of the process, including selecting your required standard (“committed” or “certified”), before getting help to set up your system and being assessed. Assessment usually takes 4-6 weeks from submission and if you pass you’ll receive a 12-month certificate and marketing pack and, if not, the SME Certification Centre will give you feedback on the changes you need to make before re-submitting.

The SME Certification Centre’s prices are laid out clearly, with no consultancy fees or hidden charges. As you’d expect from a business that is itself providing certification, trust is at the centre of what it can offer with three standards available covering Sustainability, Carbon Footprint and Environmental Compliance.

“You simply pay one fixed annual assessment fee for your chosen standard and you receive the assessment for your certificate, plus a certificate that’s valid for one year,” explains Chris Starling. “But you’re not out on your own once that happens; rather, you’ll get free online guidance and tool kits to meet the requirements of your SME Standards, and a free marketing pack that will help you promote your achievement. We’re here all year round for you.”

For more information on the SME Certification Centre, or to sign up, see You can also email [email protected]