I got a first look inside Liverpool's new drag queen diner and was absolutely stunned - gallery

I thought Dorothy's Diner might look a little tacky but I was very wrong.

An American-style diner with a twist is preparing to welcome customers this Good Friday, promising sass, fun and a whole lot of pink. The menu features fast-food classics, such as burgers and milkshakes, but it definitely isn't your usual restaurant - with guests served by 'fabulous' drag queens.

Ahead of the grand opening on Friday (March 29), I headed down to Victoria Street, for a sneak peek of Liverpool's sassiest newcomer, Dorothy's Diner. Based in the heart of the Pride Quarter, the new diner is right next to the likes of OMG and Slug & Lettuce, in a rather grand building. It isn't hard to miss, with big signs and large doormat donning the 'Dorothy's' name. Upon entering, you're immediately greeted by a check-in desk, before heading through grand doors and seeing an array of pink tables and chairs, and a huge bar filled with sweets, alcohol and more.

It's hard to explain, but somehow, Dorothy's Diner has managed to be over-the-top, without being garish. You might hear drag queen bar and pink and think, this could be a little tacky, but you couldn't be more wrong. The shade of pink of the diner-style seats is lovely, and there's splashes of gold and navy blue around the venue. Add in the stunning parquet floor, historical features and tall, white ceilings and you've got a winner.

Each table features a pink menu and a pretty iconic piece of paper titled 'Disclaimer', which gives customers a little taste of the venue. My favourite part is definitely the following: "Now, before you get your knickers in a twist, let's get one thing straight: this ain't your grandma's tea party. We're here to entertain, honey, and if you can't handle a little lip, a little hip and a whole lot of fabulous, then maybe you should sashay your way back to the kiddie menu."

Though the main seating area is pretty big, there is also a second, balcony floor and a private room for hen parties and birthday celebrations. Swapping the brighter pink for a pastel shade, the private room features a huge mirror - gotta get those selfies in girls - long tables and a beautiful 'Dorothy's Diner' floral display. It is definitely my (second) favourite part of the venue, and I'm already considering booking in for my birthday in July.

Now we have to talk about my favourite part, the toilets. If you say you don't care about the toilets in restaurants and bars, you're lying, because we all love a good old toilet mirror selfie. And, at Dorothy's, you've got about 100 different photo opportunities because the stairs leading down to the bathroom and the ladies' loos are all covered in mirrors, from the hallway floors to the sink area's walls and ceilings. Don't worry about poor lighting either, there are white lights dotted around everywhere. Beautifully decorated with marble and gold, the toilets are genuinely the nicest I have seen in town, and I'd say joint first place with Albert's Schloss because I love the disco toilet cubicle there.

After 8.00pm, Dorothy's Diner turns into a disco, and I got to experience the lovely white ceilings donning different colours, from red and blue, to pink and purple. And, I even got to meet one of the iconic queens who will be serving happy customers.

The venue already has more than 70 bookings for the opening night, and if you're looking for somewhere new to try this Bank Holiday weekend, it's definitely worth popping in. I can't comment on the food as I didn't get to try any, but the decor and vibe alone is enough to get me to come back for a drink, boogie and toilet selfie.

Take a look at the pictures below to see what Dorothy's Diner looks like or watch the full video above.