McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac: We tried the twist on the classic burger and here’s our 60-second review

Does it top the beef original? Join Remy Greasley as he goes to his local McDonald’s to find out.

Foodies can now find the new McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac in every store across Liverpool and Merseyside.

Released on Wednesday, the new variation on the fast-food giant’s flagship hamburger comes with two chicken patties, offering a lighter, crunchier alternative to the beef original.

It retains the original’s Big Mac sauce and other ingredients though costs fifty-pence more: £4.09 for the burger alone, or £5.99 for a large meal.

The price could vary depending on where you eat, for example Clayton Square McDonald’s sells the burger for £4.29.

Surprisingly, though chicken is often considered the healthy alternative, the new burger comes with almost fifty calories more than the original.

The new Chicken Big Mac will be available until March 15th.

But how does it taste? Watch the video above as freelance journalist Remy Greasley gives his 60-second review.

It’s not a 10/10 though: something was missing that should have helped the unfamiliar chicken and Big Mac sauce combination. Perhaps an extra tangy sauce.