McDonald’s Liverpool Monopoly 2022: What is it, when can you play, what could you win and when does it end?

McDonald’s popular Monopoly game is set to return to Liverpool this autumn.

McDonald’s has confirmed its much-loved Monopoly game will return this autumn with thousands of prizes up for grabs.

The competition, which started in 1987, gives customers the chance to win big by collecting stickers based on the Monopoly game. The game typically runs for six weeks and has amassed a dedicated cult following of more than 12 million participants each year.

Last year, McDonald’s introduced VIP cards, rewarding 1,000 fortunate winners the chance to grab a free meal every week for a whole year.

How do you play?

For six weeks, listed items bought from McDonald’s will have stickers on the packaging.  The bigger the item, the more stickers you can collect.

Each sticker represents a tile on the monopoly board. You can even play along by collecting a board for free in your local restaurant.

To win the jackpot prize of £100,000, customers will need the set of Mayfair and Park Lane game pieces.

As well as playable game pieces, customer’s can win instant prizes - the most popular being food vouchers such as Chicken nuggets, Large Fries and Mcflurrys. This is welcome news as McDonald’s hike price of cheeseburgers for the first time in 14 years.

McDonald’s is hiking the price of its cheeseburger for the first time in 14 years (Photo: Adobe)

What can you win?

McDonald’s have announced that this year’s prizes will be the biggest yet. We have put together a short list of the best prizes from previous years including the rare £100,000 jackpot and a 50-inch 4k HIsense Roku Tv.

  • £100,000
  • Mini Cooper 
  • PS4 Console 
  • Ibiza vIlla or UK getaway holiday 
  • Lay-Z-Spa hot tub 
  • 50-inch 4k Hisense Roku Tv
  • McDonald’s Gold Card 
  • £100 cash 
  • £30 Missguided voucher
McDonald’s Monpoly stickers replicate that of the famous board game

Where can you play?

McDonald’s has roughly 1,200 restaurants open in the United Kingdom with 12 of those stationed in Liverpool. To find out more visit the McDonald’s website.

  • Liverpool Lord St, L2,1TL
  • LIverpool St Johns Centre, L1,1LT
  • Liverpool Clayton Square, L1, 1QR
  • Liverpool Ranelagh Street, L1, 1JR
  • Liverpool, Albert Dock, L1,OAJ
  • Liverpool Great Homer Street, L5 5AA
  • LIverpool Kensignton L7 2RN     
  • Walton Road, L4 4BB
  • Liverpool Aigburth Road, L17,4JP
  • Edge Lane, L13 1AD
  • Liverpool Queen’s Drive, L4 8UU
  • Liverpool Rice Lane, L9, 3BY  
  • Stonedale Lane, L11 9DH