Veganuary 2023: The best vegan restaurants, cafes and shops in Liverpool - and new vegan food coming next year

Liverpool is rated one of the top ten vegan-friendly cities.

2022 is coming to an end and it’s time to start planning your New Year’s Resolutions.

Since 2014, people across the world have participated in Veganuary, a 31-day pledge to eat a plant-based diet, with the intention of having a lower carbon footprint, causing less harm to animals or eating healthier.

Although the idea of adopting a new diet for a month can seem daunting, restaurants often release special menu items for Veganuary and food brands release new meat alternatives or vegan snacks.

Last year, thousands of businesses took part in Veganuary, while more than 1560 new plant-based products and menu items were launched including Wagamama’s F-ish and Chips, vegan versions of Babybel and Philadelphia cream cheese, the UK’s first vegan chicken breast by Meatless Farm and new vegan options at Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC and Nando’s.

More vegan products are set to hit the shelves in the coming weeks, with plant-based chicken alternative brand Tindle making its UK supermarket debut in Morrisons on Boxing Day in a limited trial run until January 24. Chocolate alternative brand, NOMO, are releasing a new Caramelised Biscuit chocolate bar and Heinz are launching a vegan version of its Cream of Tomato Soup.

Veganism in Liverpool

According to research by Nisbets, there are almost 3,500 people in Liverpool who follow a vegan lifestyle. The organisation also ranks Liverpool as the 7th most vegan-friendly city in the UK, with a large selection of vegan-friendly cafes, restaurants and retailers.

Liverpool has a wide range of vegan-friendly shops, including Mattas (Bold Street), Plant Vegan Shop (Anfield) and Purple Carrot (Smithdown Road). They are all independently owned and offer a range of fresh ingredients, pulses, grains, meat alternatives and cruelty-free skincare.

Vegan-friendly cafes and restaurants

Liverpool is a hotspot for vegan eateries and we have created a list of some of the best cafes and restaurants, offering vegan options perfect for people considering taking the Veganuary pledge.

1. The Vibe: The Vibe is located in the city centre, and is completely vegan. The family-run cafe has incredible options, from pancakes with ice cream to spaghetti bolognese. They also offer a selection of vegan cakes, including their famous brookies.

Pancakes at The Vibe.

2. The Egg: The Egg is Liverpool’s oldest veggie joint, located just off Bold Street. They offer brilliant, reasonably priced options including a vegan Sunday roast.

3. The Bagelry: Based in Chinatown, the Bagelry serves up vegan-friendly bagels including a pesto and chicken alternative, and a vegan cheese and hashbrown bagel. They also have a selection of amazing doughnuts - all of which are vegan.

4. Down the Hatch: Down the Hatch is on Duke Street, and has a completely vegan menu. From loaded fries, to hearty Scouse - they have something for everyone.

5. Organico: Located on Bold Street, Organico is a veggie eatery and juice bar, serving up an array of vegan options. From cakes and pastries, to wholefood bowls and soups, it’s a great choice for new vegans.

Easy vegan swaps for everyday foods

A vegan diet can seem challening, however, there are some easy ways to reduce your meat and dairy intake.

1. Swap whole milk for oat - Oat milk is one of the creamiest types of milk alternative and is the closest in taste to dairy.

2. Sunflower spread instead of butter - Flora have a vegan range and Vitalite is a popular choice.

3. Swap chicken nuggets for Birds Eye vegan dippers - they taste great with vegan mayo.

4. You don’t need to swap your biscuits - so many biscuits are accidentally vegan including party rings, oreos, ginger nuts and digestives.

5. Sorbet instead of ice cream - sorbets are usually vegan and contain no dairy, meaning you don’t have to fork out for any expensive alternative.