Property: Comparing what £250k (approx) can buy in Liverpool’s most affluent and deprived neighbourhoods

The housing market is massively different in both areas of the city.

The latest 2021 census results, recently revealed the most and least deprived areas in Liverpool based on a series of four classifications.

The most deprived area in Liverpool was ‘Everton East’ and the least deprived was ‘Calderstones’, which is located around Mossley Hill.

House prices differ drastically between the areas, with Mossley Hill being one of the most desirable areas in the city, close to Calderstones Park and surrounded by greenery. Everton is just outside of the city centre, and is located near Anfield, which is also one of the most deprived areas.

To compare the property market, LiverpoolWorld searched Rightmove for properties in both areas, available for similar prices.

In the Calderstones area, on Allerton Road, we were able to find a one-bed apartment, available for offers in excess of £250,000. There were no houses available to buy for under £300,000 - unless buying in cash at auction. The property most similar in price in Everton, is a four-bedroom detached house, on Lopwell Drive.

Take a look at how they compare below.

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