House prices in Knowsley: The 10 most expensive neighbourhoods to buy a home

These are the most expensive parts of Knowsley to purchase a property.

Many people are being forced to cut back on their spending, as a result of the ongoing financial crisis. Anyone wanting to buy a new home is under particular pressure as the Bank of England continues to hike the base rate, forcing up the price of mortgages.

But, for the lucky few who can afford to splash out on a new property, certain areas of Knowsley could have what they are looking for - from spacious rooms to the latest mod cons.

So, which areas have the most expensive house prices? Every three months, the Office for National Statistics releases highly localised figures showing how average sale prices vary across the suburbs, towns and villages of England and Wales.

The latest figures, covering the calendar year 2022, show Knightsbridge, Belgravia & Hyde Park in the London borough of Westminster had the priciest properties in England and Wales, with homes selling for an astonishing £4.1 million on average. This was nearly double the price of the second most expensive area, Kensington Abingdon in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, where homes sold for £2.25 million on average.

The latest set of figures also pinpoint the parts of Knowsley which had the priciest homes, on average, in 2022. The figures are the median price, and encompass all home types and sizes.