News bulletin: Arrest after woman killed in dog attack, Mayor breast cancer diagnosis

Arrest after woman killed in dog attack, Liverpool Mayor reveals breast cancer diagnosis, Fossa pups born at Chester Zoo

🚨 A 31-year-old man has been arrested after a woman was killed by dogs in an attack at a house in Liverpool. The 65-year-old victim was tragically mauled to death at a property on St Brigids Crescent, Vauxhall, shortly before 4.30 pm on Monday.

⚫ The Mayor of Liverpool has revealed she has been undergoing radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer after a tumour was found during a routine screening. Joanne Anderson is now using her experience to urge women to make sure they go for a mammogram when invited to do so.

🐈 Three 12-week-old Fossa pups have emerged from their den at Chester Zoo for the first time since being born. A distant relative of the mongoose, the fossa, is a slender, cat-like mammal. It's only found in the forests of Madagascar, and the animal is now an endangered species.