News bulletin: Energy bill fiasco costs Liverpool Council £16m, Ava White trial continues

Investigation into council’s costly energy bill mistake, jury at Ava White murder trial shown CCTV, Freedom of Liverpool for Andrew Devine.

💷 A formal investigation had been ordered after Liverpool City Council's electricity contract jumped from £10.6 million to £26m just months after a controversial set of budget cuts were signed off.

A series of errors meant the mayor, cabinet and chief executive were not informed of major changes to the council's electricity supplier who had ceased offering a commercial tariff.

The deal with Scottish Power related to the supply for the council’s estate as well as the city’s schools and the fire service.

⚫ The jury at the trial into Ava White’s death has been shown CCTV footage showing moments leading up to, including, and after the 12-year-old was fatally stabbed.

The court has heard Ava, and the defendant argued after he filmed her without permission. A 14-year-old boy denies murder.

🌇 The 97th victim of the Hillsborough disaster, Andrew Devine, has been posthumously awarded the Freedom of Liverpool on what would have been his 56th birthday.

Andrew's family, led by his mother Hilary, accepted the Freedom status at a private ceremony in Liverpool Town Hall.