Eurovision 2023: 3,000 tickets to be made available to displaced Ukrainians

Liverpool is hosting the song contest on behalf of Ukraine.

The government has pledged to give an additional £10m of funding for the Eurovision Song Contest, later this year. The extra funding will be spent on operational costs and ensuring the song contest in Liverpool “showcases Ukrainian culture”.

Around 3,000 Eurovision tickets will also be allocated to displaced Ukrainians living in the UK, ensuring they are able to enjoy the huge event in celebration of music and culture.

Each of these tickets will cost £20, with the rest of the cost subsidised by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport for those on the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, the Ukraine Family Scheme and the Ukraine Extension Scheme, who are eligible to apply for tickets.

The Eurovision Song Contest is being held in Liverpool this year, on behalf of Ukraine, who won at last year’s final. Due to ongoing conflict with Russia, the country cannot host the popular event.

Local authorities in Liverpool are also contributing £4m in funding, with plans for a festival celebrating Ukrainian culture, in the weeks leading up to the song contest.

A BBC spokesperon said: “The BBC welcomes the UK Government’s scheme to fund tickets to the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool for displaced Ukrainians. As host broadcaster the BBC is committed to ensuring this year’s Contest is a celebration of both British and Ukrainian culture and we appreciate the financial support of the UK Government towards the event.

“The process to apply for these subsidised tickets is being designed, managed, and operated by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and they will release more details about the opportunity in the coming weeks.