Liverpool is one of the cheapest cities to be a student in the UK, new study finds

Liverpool is the eighth cheapest student city in the country and has the most affordable taxi journeys.

Being a student isn’t cheap so it’s important to know where savings can be made - especially during a cost of living crisis that threatens to spiral out of control.

New analysis from tutoring experts Superprof shows that it costs £154.80 a week for the average student to live in Liverpool - ranking it as the eighth cheapest student city in the UK.

That figure includes rent (£110), taxi trips (£10), beer (£16), coffee (£5.80) and fast food (£13).

The news comes amidst a cost of living crisis that has seen energy bills rocket across the country, alongside rising food prices and student loan inflation.

Liverpool is one of the cheapest places in the UK for students.

A spokesperson for Superprof said: “Undoubtedly, students are always looking to save money whilst living on a budget.

“With the cost-of-living currently on the rise, it is now more important than ever for students to know how to manage their money effectively.

“This ranking offers a valuable guide for prospective students into where in the UK their loan will stretch the furthest.”

The study examined university locations across the UK, using data from Numbeo - the world’s largest cost of living database.

It found that Wolverhampton was the cheapest city in the UK for students with an average weekly spend of £120.90 and, not surprisingly, London was the most expensive with a weekly average of £224.

The top 10 cheapest student cities (weekly spend)

  1. Wolverhampton (£120.90)
  2. Derby (£133.80)
  3. Aberdeen (£134.90)
  4. Stoke-on-Trent (£141.90)
  5. Newcastle-upon-Tyne (£146.40)
  6. Gloucester (£152.40)
  7. Plymouth (£154.70)
  8. Liverpool (£154.80)
  9. Lancaster (£156.20)
  10. Bangor (£157.70)

One area of the study that is particularly important to students is the price of beer - the Welsh city of Bangor came out on top with a weekly spend of £12.

But Liverpool is not far behind with an estimated cost of £16 per week - although that is the joint most expensive with Plymouth in the cheapest top 10 cities.

Liverpool ranked top for the cheapest taxi fares at just £10 for a five-mile journey.