The average house price in Liverpool has risen to £175k - here’s what you can buy for that value in the city

Homes in Liverpool have risen in price once again - the average property is now £17,000 more expensive compared to last year.

House prices in Liverpool have grown a massive 10.5% in the last year alone, according to the latest figures from the Land Registry.

Much of the rise in value has been caused by an imbalance in the supply and demand chain during the pandemic.

That has meant people looking to buy a home in Liverpool in 2022 have had to shell out an extra £17,000 compared to last year.

It makes Liverpool the 22nd highest area of growth in the North West.

First time buyers in Liverpool are spending £155,000 on their property - a £14,000 increase on last year.

Whereas former owners paid an increase of around £19,000 (25.1% more than first time buyers) per property.

The average house price in the city has risen to £174,890 - but what kind of property can you buy for that value?

It’s possible to purchase property in some of the most expensive postcodes in Liverpool such as Woolton and Hunt’s Cross, as well as in the most affordable areas of the city like Walton.

LiverpoolWorld has found three properties on the market at, or under, the new average price point.

For more information on the properties visit the RightMove website here.

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