Best places to view Liverpool’s iconic skyline and how the £1 billion cityscape has evolved

Slider image highlights how the city has changed and study reveals where to get the best social media snap of the skyline.

Liverpool’s skyline, like that of many cities across the UK, has changed dramatically over the last 100 years.

From rebuilding the city after the Luftwaffe Blitz of WWII to the relatively recent regeneration of the docks and Liverpool One.

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And from the construction of the ‘Three Graces’ in the early 1900s to the arrival of the ‘Three Disgraces’ in the 2000s.

The transformation - highlighted in the slider image below - cost more than £1 billion, according to new figures.


The research worked out the construction cost of 10 of Liverpool’s most iconic buildings built in the past century and converted the value into today’s money.

Conducted as part of Mobile Phones Direct promotion for Samsung S22 camera, the study also revealed the best places to view the Liverpool skyline.

Liverpool’s most expensive buildings

Liverpool Cathedral emerged as the most expensive building in Liverpool in today’s money.

Originally completed in 1978 for £60 million, the Cathedral of the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool is one of the UK’s largest cathedrals.

One Princes Dock, the 22-storey residential tower located alongside Prince’s Dock, built in 2006, is the second most expensive construction.

The cost of ten of Liverpool’s most iconic buildings.

Best places to view the Liverpool skyline

With 11,748 posts on Instagram for hashtags such as #liverpoolskyline, it’s important to find the right spot to take the best picture for your social media.

The Liverpool city skyline. Photo: Alamy Stock Photo

To help find the perfect spot for your photos, the research has also analysed reviews of the city to highlight the best recommended places to go to view the city’s beautiful skyline:

  • Liverpool Cathedral - at 500ft above sea level, you can travel to the top of the tower of Liverpool Cathedral to experience panoramic views of the Liverpool skyline.
  • Royal Liver Building - explore the city’s history in Royal Liver Building before heading up to the tenth and fifteen floors for 360 degree views.
  • Goodness Gracious - marvel over the Three Graces with a drink at Goodness Gracious.
  • Panoramic 34 - if you’re looking for a meal with a view, head to Panoramic 34, Liverpool’s highest restaurant in the 34th floor of the West Tower.