‘Trent’ tops list of new babies named after three Liverpool FC icons ranked in UK top ten

These Liverpool legends are in the UK’s top ten ‘most popular sports inspired baby names.’

New research carried out by Betsperts has analysed the latest Office of National Statistics’ (ONS) data to reveal the sports stars that are inspiring the most baby names in the UK, between 2000 and 2021.

Of the top ten, three are Liverpool stars.

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent Alexander-Arnold takes the lead for Liverpool, ranked at number four in the UK, with a whopping 394 newborns being named in his honour. After experiencing his Champions League comeback with a record number of assists, the name Trent saw an increase of 75%.

Mohamed Salah

Mo Salah’s record-breaking Premier League season which saw him receive the Golden Boot, led to a 76.47% increase in babies being named Salah. The Liverpool forward has had 268 babies named after him.

Steven Gerrard

224 babies have been named in honour of the Aston Villa Manager and former Liverpool midfielder. Steven Gerrard’s infamous goal in the 2005 Istanbul Champions League final led to a 325% increase in babies being named Gerrard.

Top 10 sports stars inspiring the most baby names

Top 10 sports stars inspiring the most baby names. Image: Betsperts.