Dancing on Ice: The Vivienne tells ITV’s Lorraine Kelly that drag outfit prevents skating injuries

The Vivienne has revealed that her drag outfit has stopped her from having any injuries during Dancing on Ice rehearsals

The Vivienne has revealed how wearing drag keeps her from getting any injuries during Dancing on Ice rehearsals.

The drag queen, 30, who is from Colwyn Bay but lives in Liverpool, joined Lorraine Kelly on her ITV daytime show on Friday morning, where she explained the clever reason that she has managed to avoid bad bruises whilst rehearsing for the figure skating competition.

The Vivienne, also known as James Lee Williams, expressed her new found love for ice skating and revealed that her body shaping drag outfit was the secret to avoiding nasty injuries that had been seen by the other skaters.

Drag queen The Vivienne has shared her secret to remaining injury free during training for Dancing on Ice

Lorraine asked: “Well the injuries, people always ask that about Dancing on Ice, the bruising.”

The Vivienne responded to the daytime host, saying: “I’m quite lucky because when I’m skating in drag underneath all this is three inches of foam on each side of my hips. To give me the illusion of a Jessica Rabbit.

“So I fall and I bounce straight back up.”

She added: “And I’ve got a crash helmet on” as she gestured to the big wig on top of her head.

The Vivenne continued telling Lorraine about her injuries, saying: “I’m all sorted. I think all the other celebs are jealous”.

There have been no serious injuries from Dancing on Ice so far this series, but a few celebrities have faced minor scrapes.

This week, Darren Harriott shared photos of a nasty slice to his arm as he was joined by skating partner Tippy Packard, who also shared a video of the comedian being glued back up.

Joey Essex was also “lucky” to still have a finger after a nasty accident in the early stages of rehearsals left him with a splint and a bandage.

Michelle Heaton has also suffered whiplash on her neck from several falls on the ice, which she had blamed on “menopause brain fog”.

The Vivienne also shared with Lorraine her new found passion for ice skating, telling the morning host that she wants to keep training even once the show is over.

The drag queen who rose to fame on Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK after winning the first season in 2019, shared that she is “such a perfectionist” when it comes to her skating.

She revealed that her new found passion was causing skating partner Colin Grafton to remind her when she needs to take breaks and get off the ice.

The Vivienne said that her new love of skating has made her want to “fight” for a Drag on Ice tour that would feature drag queens.

The Vivienne who won Ru Paul’s Drag Race in 2019 has said she would like to host a ‘Drag on Ice’ event after developing a love for ice skating

She told Lorraine: “This is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever done. I never thought in life, you know I fell in love with drag at a very young age, I think I was 14 and started doing it at 16 and you kind of think ‘that’s my lane, that is gonna be my job for the rest of my life.

“I’ve been skating for nearly three months and already I’m thinking ‘once this show ends I want to make this part of my life because I love it so much.

“So I’m gonna fight for a drag on ice tour because I want to continue doing this because it’s just fantastic.”

The drag queen also shared her hopes to spend one week on Dancing on Ice competing as James.

The Vivienne told Lorraine that she hopes she can “strip it all back and show everyone what’s under all this,” instead of her drag queen alter-ego.