Liverpudlians work together to direct young woman to local fuel station with petrol

Liverpudlians have yet again proven why they are the most genuinely kind people in the United Kingdom.

While the rest of the country panics and fights about petrol, people in Liverpool are coming together to help complete strangers find the nearest filling station still selling fuel.

One young woman had spent most of her Saturday searching for petrol stations that were still selling fuel.

The woman needed to fill her car as she was driving to London on Monday morning.

The search for the elusive petrol station continued on Sunday but only this time, the woman posted on social media explaining her predicament.

“All of the petrol stations I have been to so far either have no petrol at all or there is a limit of £20-£30.

“Can anyone help me,” posted the woman into a Liverpool Facebook Group.

Liverpudlians started flooding the comments section of the woman’s post with a list of petrol stations, directions and one man, claiming to be a petrol station owner offered to hold enough fuel over for the woman until she arrived.

“Wow - all sorted now,” said the woman.

“I can’t believe the response this silly post got - thank you everyone for all of your help and suggestions,” she added.

Much like other parts of the UK, there are issues with petrol supply lines; this is because of a lack of HGV drivers to transport the fuel to the petrol stations and it is also down to panic buying customers who, despite being told there was no fuel shortage, have proceeded to panic buy fuel since last Thursday.

The UK government is attempting to address the problem by allowing up to 5,000 HGV drivers to come in from the EU and work in the UK until Christmas Eve which is when the Visas issued to the drivers would end.

There are also reports that the government has put the army on standby to assist with the situation should it continue to worsen.