We ask Liverpool: As COVID restrictions change again, do you know what the rules are now?

WATCH: With COVID Plan B restrictions removed as of today, we hit the streets to ask if anyone knows what the rules are any more.

Covid restrictions brought in to tackle rising Omicron cases at the end of last year ended at midnight.

The Prime Minister confirmed the relaxation of Plan B regulations such as the scrapping of face masks and so-called vaccine passports.

We speak to the people of Liverpool and find out if they've been listening to Boris....

‘He doesn’t know his hand from his foot, does he?’

Babs talks Covid rulesBabs talks Covid rules
Babs talks Covid rules

Babs says: "No, I don't, I don't listen to him. Honest to God, he's a Muppet. He is an absolute Muppet. He doesn't know his hand from his foot, does he? I don't know what he's saying or doing, honestly."

‘Boris needs to be gone’

Joan talks Covid rulesJoan talks Covid rules
Joan talks Covid rules

Joan says: "Boris needs to be gone. The man can't hold a conversation. You're our Prime Minister!"

‘I still get tested twice a week because I’m working’

Barbara talks Covid rulesBarbara talks Covid rules
Barbara talks Covid rules

Barbara says: "I still get tested twice a week because I'm working, and I wear my mask if it's busy indoors. That's about it, really."