England's luckiest stadium at the Six Nations revealed and stadiums seeing the most tries

Rugby Union Six Nations from Saturday, February 5 (photo: boldg - stock.adobe.com)
Rugby Union Six Nations from Saturday, February 5 (photo: boldg - stock.adobe.com)

What is England' s luckiest stadium?

With the Six Nations fast approaching (February 5th), rugby fanatics are looking forward to seeing their teams face off in the world’s oldest annual rugby championship.

With the widespread return of full stadiums, each team will be looking to make home advantage count. But is there a particular stadium that England have had more success in than others?

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    Interested in this, Liverugbytickets.co.uk utilised historic Six Nations try statistics from 2000 to 2021 to discover which stadium England has scored the most tries in, thus uncovering their ‘luckiest’ stadium at the Six Nations.

    England’s luckiest stadiums

    1 - Stadio Olimpico, RomeItaly, number of matches five; total tries 25; tries per match 5


    Stadio Olimpico Stadium in Rome (photo: Alexandr Medvedkov)

    2 - Twickenham Stadium, London, number of matches 55; total; tries 201; tries per match 3.65

    3 - Principality Stadium, Cardiff, numbert of matches 11; total tries 21; tries per match 1.91

    4 - Stade de France, Saint-Denis, France, number of matches 11; total tries 18; tries per match 1.64

    5 - Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland, number of matches 11; total tries 16; tries per match 1.45

    6 - Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland, number of matches 6; total tries 7; tries per match 1.17


    www.liverugbytickets.co.uk can reveal that England’s ‘luckiest’ stadium to play in is the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Italy.

    England have been victorious in all the five games they have played against The Azzurri in their new home, scoring an overage of five tries per game. The Roses will be looking for similar results when they travel to Rome on February 13.

    Placing second is the home of English rugby, Twickenham.

    With a capacity of 82,000, it is one of the biggest rugby stadiums in the world, which undoubtedly gives the English players an extra push.

    The team have scored 201 tries in 55 matches, an average of 3.65 tries per match at their home ground, which is also the stadium that has seen the most tries per match on average overall with 5.2 tries per game.

    Third is the Principality Stadium located in Cardiff, Wales.


    England versus Wales is known as one of the biggest rivalries in rugby, so it comes as no surprise that the English have struggled when playing away from home against the Dragons, averaging just 1.91 tries per game in 11 matches.

    Wales on the other hand, average 2.43 tries per game at the Principality, proving that it is always a difficult place to go.

    Coming in as England’s fourth ‘luckiest’ stadium to play in is the Stade de France.

    England have scored 18 tries in 11 games at the stadium - an average of 1.64 tries per game.

    France are clear favourites for this year's tournament, so England will be hoping it’s all still to play for in their final game of the tournament at the Stade de France on the 19th of March.

    The French have scored 137 tries in 54 games at the ground - averaging 2.54 tries per game.


    Completing the top five is Murrayfield located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    England kick off their Six Nations campaign at Murrayfield against their fierce rivals, Scotland, and with the English having scored 16 tries in 11 games at the stadium (1.45 per match), they are hoping for much of the same for the beginning of their six nations campaign.

    In comparison, the Scots average 1.56 tries per game at their home stadium so it most likely will be a close encounter.

    Stadiums that have seen the most tries per match across all Six Nations games:

    1 - Twickenham Stadium, London, number of matches 55; total tries 286; tries per match 5.20

    Twickenham Stadium (photo: Photo London UK - stock.adobe.com)


    2 - Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy, number of matches 25; total tries 129; tries per match 5.16

    Stadio Olimpico Stadium in Rome (photo: Alexandr Medvedkov)

    3 - Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland, number of matches 27; total tries 121; tries per match 4.48

    Aviva rugby stadium in Dublin (photo: Dawid K Photography)

    4 - Stade de France, Saint-Denis, France, number of matches 54; total tries 222; tries per match 4.11

    Stade De France (photo: PhotoLondonUK)


    5 - Principality Stadium, Cardiff, Wales, number of matches 54, total tries 215, tries per match 3.98

    Principality Stadium, Cardiff (photo: Nigel Jarvis)

    6 - Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland, number of matches 55; total tries 197; tries per match 3.58

    Murrayfield (photo: Edinburghcitymom)

    www.liverugbytickets.co.uk sought to determine the luckiest stadium for each national team competing in the 2022 Six Nations tournament.

    To do so, data was collected from 21 different Wikipedia links from when the Six Nations began in 2000 to most recently in 2021, which included information such as; venue, home team, away team, home team tries, and away team tries.


    To find the ‘luckiest’ stadium for each team, the individual team’s total number of tries scored in each stadium was divided by the number of games played in the stadium.

    To find the stadium that has seen the most average tries per match overall, the sum of home tries, and away team tries was divided by the total number of matches played in each stadium.

    Following the collection of data, stadiums were ranked in descending order by average tries per match, thus determining the ‘luckiest’ stadium for each individual nation.

    Ireland’s home stadium’s Lansdowne Road (2000-2006) and Croke Park (2007-2010), along with Italy’s stadium Stadio Flaminio (2000-2011) were excluded from the study due to the team’s moving stadiums.

    The Stade Velodrome and Parc y Scarlets were also excluded from the study as only one Six Nations game happened at both stadiums.

    The data was collected on 26/01/2022 and is accurate as of then.