Queen Elizabeth II funeral: How much did the Queen’s funeral cost and who will pay for it?

Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest in a ceremony that will be remembered in the history books.

Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest on Monday 19 September following a ten day mourning period for the United Kingdom.

The funeral took place at Westminster Abbey and saw thousands of people attend from around the world.

The affair included many traditions like the breaking of the wand of office which symbolises the official end of a Monarch’s reign.

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    The funeral service itself lasted around 55 minutes, however, attendees started arriving at 8am.

    Mourners watch the State Hearse of Queen Elizabeth II as it drives along the Long Walk ahead of the Committal Service for Queen Elizabeth II in Windsor (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

    A procession from Westminster to Windsor followed the funeral service in Westminster Abbey before a final committal service St. George VI’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

    It was a memorable affair that saw thousands of people from a variety of different countries, faiths and backgrounds line the streets to say ‘goodbye’ to the 96 year-old monarch for one last time.

    The Queen’s state funeral will be paid for using millions of pounds contributed to Treasury by income tax payers.

    So, how much did the Queen’s funeral cost? Here’s everything you need to know.

    When was the Queen’s funeral?

    The late monarch’s funeral took place at 11am on Monday 19 September 2022 at Westminster Abbey.

    The Queen’s committal service took place at 4pm in St George’s Chapel, Windsor, which was followed by a private burial that was not televised.

    Around 2,000 people were in attendance for the state funeral whereas 800 were there as the Queen was lowered into the Royal Vault, including King Charles III.

    How much did the funeral cost?

    Official figures have not yet been confirmed for the Queen’s state funeral, however, public events like this can end up costing millions.

    Previous funerals for members of the Royal Family have been pricey, with the Queen Mother’s ceremonial funeral reportedly costing the taxpayer £5.4 million.

    Speaking to the The Big Issue, royal expert Elizabeth Norton said costs for the Queen would be “probably a fair bit more”.

    Norton added: “It is really difficult to give an estimate for the Queen’s funeral. No British monarch has died for 70 years and the monarch’s funeral always tends to be on a considerably larger scale than funerals for other members of the royal family.”

    Several royal commentators have estimated the cost of the funeral to be between £8m and £20m however none of these claims have been independently verified.

    How many people watched Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral around the world?

    No official viewing figures have been confirmed as of yet, however, it has been suggested that no fewer than 4.1 billion people across the globe watched Her Majesty’s funeral on television.

    It’s likely that the broadcast will have been viewed by more people than any other Royal event in history, including past weddings and coronations.

    Elizabeth II’s coronation was the first ever to be broadcast live on television as many more millions abroad tuned in.

    If the viewership of 4.1 billion is confirmed, it will mean that the Queen’s funeral will be the most watched broadcast in television history.

    How to watch the Queen’s funeral on demand

    Now the proceedings are over, all of these moments, as well as the state funeral which took place earlier in the day, are available to watch on both BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub.

    The private burial service that took place after the committal was not televised, nor is it available to watch on demand.