Everton’s potential new owner investor net worth compared to Liverpool, Man Utd and European giants - gallery

A look at where Everton’s possible new owners rank among the richest in Europe, and how they compare to the current owners.

Everton are hoping to follow in Newcastle United‘s footsteps in getting new owners, but where might Everton’s new custodians rank in European football’s richlist?

Farhad Moshiri has been in control of the club since 2016 and has overseen a turbulent period, as after spending over £600m on signings since his arrival, the club has somehow gone backwards.

This has left fans frustrated by the apparent lack of business and football acument, coming to a head in January, as fans began to protest more aggressively against their 67-year-old owner and board of directors.

However, that could be about to change. Linked with adding investment into the club is the American-based consortium MSP Sports Capital, who first showed interest in investing in the club last month. It is reported that MSP are prepared to inject £105 million into Everton for a 25% stake. That means that Moshiri has put a value of £420 million on the club.

Moshiri had been vocal about not selling the club, but it’s clear he is looking for investment, and MSP remain an interested party and even attended the 2-1 loss at home to Southampton in January.

It’s unclear what time frame we’re looking at for a potential deal, so we’ve decided take a look at where MSP would rank compared to the other richest owners around European football - listed in reverse order.