Remembering Liverpool's famous Yellow Duckmarine as water tours make a comeback

The famous 'Duck Bus' even took the late Queen Elizabeth II on a tour of Liverpool.

Once a major attraction for both locals and tourists, Liverpool's Yellow Duckmarine tours took thousands of happy passengers - including the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip - on a voyage around the city, before splashing into the Albert Dock.

Sadly, the 'Duck Bus' - a converted WW2 vehicle - is now just a memory, as the iconic vessels ceased operating in 2014 after a high-profile sinking in Salthouse Dock. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) said poor maintenance and a failure to meet standards were to blame for the incident, which saw dozens of passengers taken to hospital.

Now, the popular amphibious tours are being brought back to the city by family-run business, Splash Tours. Rather than converted WW2 vessels, the tours will take place on special, purpose-built vehicles, which meet both road and water regulations.

Though the new vessels don't look quite the same as the yellow 'duck truck' we all remember, they still have that clear amphibious design and are a bold pink colour.

Despite the disappointing end to the Yellow Duckmarine tours, they were a huge part of many peoples' childhoods and the Splash Tours news has us feeling nostalgic. So, we have scoured the archives to create a gallery of the once iconic 'Wacker Quacker'.

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