15 Liverpool pubs we’ve loved and lost, which still evoke fond memories

With the number of pubs shutting their doors continuing to rocket, it’s time to raise a glass to these gone but not forgotten Liverpool boozers.

The British Beer and Pub Association are warning that two thousand of the nation's much-loved taverns are facing last orders. They're calling on government intervention as data from Oxford Economics estimates on-trade beer sales will decline by 9% over the next year.

This equates to one million fewer barrels of beer sold (288 million pints) and 25,000 potential job losses in pubs and the wider industry.

Official government statistics have revealed that 230 pubs disappeared for good in the three months to June 30 as the impact of soaring costs and pressure on consumer budgets became more stark. It means more than two pubs a day have left local communities in England and Wales over the first half of the year.

We hit the streets of Liverpool to find out what pubs you miss the most and and what you think of the closures. You can watch the video at the top of this page.

Below, we have also put together a gallery of 15 pubs in the city that either stand empty or have been demolished, but for many still evoke happy times or a sense of community and belonging.

Once a place with almost a pub on every corner, many of those drinking establishments are with us no longer. Many have gone, but they are not forgotten. Here, we show you some of the city’s favourite pubs that are no longer open for a pint.