Royal Liver Building 360: ultimate guide to Liverpool’s award winning tourist attraction RLB360

A journey of hidden secrets and panoramic views from one of the city’s most iconic buildings.

We're not short of tourist attractions here in Liverpool. The Visitor Economy is worth around £5bn to the City Region. We're also a city renowned for our historic architecture, featuring over 2,500 listed buildings. Ticking two of those boxes is the Royal Liver Building. Offering visitors a tour of the Grade I-listed building, RLB360 is an award-winning visitor attraction.

Chris Devaney, Operations Manager at RLB360, said: "For so long, we as residents of the city region have been like, ‘you can't go in the Liver Building. You can look at it, but you can't go in'. So to open it in 2019 was fantastic."

You'll get a tour of some of the building's hidden secrets, journeying to the 15th floor to get panoramic views across Liverpool from the most iconic viewing point in the city, getting up close to the world-famous Liver Birds.

Classed as the UK’s first skyscraper, the Liver Building was commissioned by the Royal Liver Assurance company in 1907 and it took three years to build.

Chris said: "Everything is about the importance of the heritage of the building. Even down to the charities that we support, we've supported Fans Supporting Food Banks because it's a local charity doing amazing work for people who are struggling in the city region. That harks back to why the Royal Liver Friendly Society was founded, for the working class of the city to make sure they had dignity in death."

Taking pride of place at the heart of Liverpool's waterfront, standing as a symbol of the city, its history and its people, the Royal Liver Building holds significant historical and cultural importance to the city of Liverpool, not least as adorning its towers are the mythical Liver Birds.

Throughout history, the Liver Birds have been affectionately named Bella and Bertie. Legend says the city would cease to exist if they were to fly away.

  • For a peak inside the Liver Building and a view from the roof top watch the video above.