Strawberry Supermoon: when does it peak and what will the weather be like in Liverpool for viewing?

This week, we are expected to enjoy the sight of the second supermoon of 2022 as it lights up the night sky over Merseyside.

In January, the Wolf Moon light up the skies and remained illuminated for around three days - especially in Merseyside where the skies were clear.

However, this upcoming celestial event is extra special because it’s both a Strawberry Moon and a supermoon.

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The Strawberry Supermoon is expected to reach its peak at at 12:51pm on Tuesday, June 14.

Here is the meaning of the strawberry supermoon name, when is best to see it, and the weather in Liverpool for the week.

What is a supermoon?

A supermoon is a full moon that occurs when the moon comes closest to the Earth in its orbit.

This means that the moon will appear larger and brighter because of its proximity to the Earth.

The strawberry moon will be closer to earth than usual and will appear biggest near the horizon. Image: Degimages -

Supermoon is a nickname for what astronomers call a perigean full moon.

The supermoon in June will be predominantly known as the ‘strawberry moon’.

Where did the name come from?

While strawberries are a reddish colour and a rounded shape - like the moon - the name has nothing to do with the supermoon’s appearance.

The name ‘strawberry moon’ comes from the timing of the full moon, as it is also the short harvesting season of strawberries in North America and Eastern Canada.

The name was given by the Algonquin Native American tribe in the same region.

Other names for this full moon include Rose Moon, Mead Moon and Honey Moon.

The name ‘Honey Moon’ is also popular because June was thought to be the time when honey was ready for harvesting.

When is the best time to see the strawberry supermoon?

The UK will see the peak of the full moon at 12:51pm tomorrow (June 14).

However, the Strawberry Supermoon will appear full for a few days so there will be plenty of chances to catch a glimpse of this exciting phenomenon.

The best views will be just after moonrise or just before moonset, this is due to an optical illusion where the moon will appear larger when it’s near the horizon.

What are the skies like in Liverpool this week?

Tomorrow (June 14), temperatures will start at 13°C and rise up to 17°C degrees by early afternoon.

There is also only a small chance of rain and luckily, a cloudless evening.

On Wednesday, it is very similar weather - with slightly warmer temperatures up to 18°C.

Going into the end of the week, Thursday and Friday are expected to reach temperatures in the early 20°C.

On Friday, you are likely to see sporadic rain showers as well as clear skies.