The seven Liverpool restaurants and takeaways given zero star ratings in the last year

A few of the cities favourites fell short on their last food hygiene inspection.

A number of Liverpool’s food venues have been hit with the disappointing zero hygiene rating meaning ‘urgent improvement is necessary’, according to the Food Standards Agency.

Liverpool Council inspectors assess businesses’ compliance on the basis of the establishments handling of food, food storage, food preparation, the cleanliness of facilities and the management of food safety.

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One of the places given a zero rating in the last year is the Rodney Street restaurant, Roski, which boasts the cooking talents from British Masterchef: The Professionals winner, Anton Piotrowski.

A spokesperson for the restaurant said they “immediately addressed” each of the points made by inspectors and have since requested a return inspection.

A five-star rating means "hygiene standards are very good", while a zero means "urgent improvement is required".

The FSA said: "It is the responsibility of the business to comply with food hygiene law at all times".

From restaraunts and takeaways to fish bars and newsagents, here are the food places that received zero stars on their last inspection.

Liverpool restaurants and takeaways with zero rating

Pizza Central

📍118 Warbreck Moor, Liverpool, L9 0HY

Last inspection: 09 March 2022

Koko Burger, Anfield, Liverpool. Image: Google

KoKo Burger

📍107 Oakfield Road, Liverpool, L4 0UE

Last inspection: 24 February 2022


📍16 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 2TE

Last inspection: 27 October 2021

Greatacre Fish Bar, Liverpool. Image: Google

Gateacre Fish Bar

📍173 Grange Lane, Liverpool, L25 5JY

Last inspected: September 29, 2021

Lass Shawarma

📍94 Smithdown Road, Picton, Liverpool, L7 4JQ

Last inspection: July 30, 2021

Sanfex African Hotspot, Liverpool. Image: Google

Sanfex African Hotspot

📍70 Prescot Road, Liverpool, L7 0JA

Last inspection: 20 May 2021

Khalisa, Liverpool. Image: Google


📍98 - 100 Bentham Drive, Liverpool, L16 5EU

Last inspection: 12 May 2021

Inspection and appeal

The FSA provide advice on how to achieve an improved rating following the local authority inspection.

Should eateries seek to appeal the decision, the business will first need to contact Liverpool Council for a breakdown of why the lowest rating possible was awarded.

If this is still felt to be wrong or unfair, management can appeal to the FSA in writing to challenge the decision. A right to reply will also be published on the FSA website alongside its rating.