17 photos to take you back to Liverpool in the 1990s

It was the heyday of Rockports, dock strikes and Brookside - we look back at the 1990s with some intriguing photos from the archives.

The photos featured in this gallery take you on a whistle stop tour of life in and around the city during the 1990s, a decade which saw Brookside rule, the Spion Kop demolished and dockers go on strike.

It was a time when the Queen met Sinbad, shell suits were fading out and Rockports and Cream were in the ascendancy. Long before the city became European Capital of Culture and was transformed, there were a number of social problems as families struggled with unemployment.

Here, we take a nostalgic look back through the decade in no particular order, with some photos from the archives. If you have a memory or photo you’d like to share, email us at [email protected]

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