RMT Strike June 2022: Will protest affect people in Liverpool, what are the dates and why is it happening?

Dates have been made official for the Railway Network strikes which will see workers take action throughout this week, with the third day taking place tomorrow (Saturday 25 June) - but how does this affect the people of Liverpool? Here is everything you need to know.

The RMT Strikes that are set to bring a halt to at least 80% of the railway services across the country have been given an official date.

In what is considered the biggest walk out to hit the UK, members across 15 of the country’s largest train operating companies voted in favour of strike action.

Three dates towards the end of June have been confirmed, as companies ready the releases of a drastically different timetable and schedule.

But how will all this impact the lives of Liverpudlians? Here is everything you need to know; from why the strikes are happening to the impact this could have on travel plans.

Why are railway workers striking?

Railway strikers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of striking across Network Rail and 15 train operating companies.

With a turnout of 71%, 89% voted in favour of strike action.

The aim of the strike action is to demand talks with officials at Network Rail to settle the railway workers dispute over pay, jobs as well as health and safety.

This was announced on Tuesday, 25 May 2022.

In a statement issued at the time it was made official, the Railway, Maritime and Transport Workers Union (RMT), general secretary Mick Lynch said the following:

“Today’s overwhelming endorsement by railway workers is a vindication of the union’s approach and sends a clear message that members want a decent pay rise, job security and no compulsory redundancies.

“Our NEC will now meet to discuss a timetable for strike action from mid-June, but we sincerely hope ministers will encourage the employers to return to the negotiating table and hammer out a reasonable settlement with the RMT."

When are the RMT strikes happening?

What HS2 trains could look like.

Made official on Tuesday, 7 June, three dates have been decided upon when the strike action will take place.

It is understood that trade unionists decided on the three days of the week that are statistically the Railway Network’s busiest times post-pandemic.

By law, trade unions must give an employer a minimum of 14-days notice of any industrial action.

The Railway Network strike will fall on 21, 23 and 25 June, bringing a halt to railway services for a week.

How will Liverpudlians be impacted by the RMT Strikes?

Out of the 15 affected train operating companies, three operate highly-popular transport routes to and from areas in and around the Liverpool and Merseyside area.

These are; Avanti Westcoast, Northern Rail and TransPennine Express.

With drastically reduced train services, this is set to have a gargantuan impact on the lives of Liverpudlians; but how is this? Here is everything you need to know.

Travelling for work purposes

Many of the impacted train lines will have an effect on Liverpudlians that use the railway service to travel to and from work; especially for those who go to big cities such as London.

Avanti Westcoast, Northern Rail and TransPennine Express all operate train routes to popular cities like the English capital, and they are all but surely set to operate with far less services meaning there will definitely not be enough to match the demand - therefore, it is more or less guaranteed that the RMT Strikes will make getting to work tougher.

Travelling to events and festivals

With the three days of strike action taking place on busy days of the week such as a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - this will directly affect residents of Liverpool who wish to travel to and from some huge events and festivals that take place around this period of time.

For example, there are huge events taking place across the country which will be adversely impacted by the railway strike action, such as the highly popular Glastonbury Festival.

This huge national event takes place in Pilton, Somerset from 22 to 26 of June.

If you are attending the event and are hoping to travel via train, railway companies such as Northern Rail currently offer services to Taunton, Somerset - which will definitely be impacted in some shape or form by the RMT Strike in June.

Despite nothing of national importance taking place in the city around this period of time, there are some events and concerts taking place in Liverpool, such as:

  • Africa Oye Festival at Sefton Park - 18 to 19 June
  • Gladys Knight gig at the M&S Bank Arena on 22 June
  • Mitski gig at LU Mountford Hall on 22 June
  • Back to the 90s Festival at Camp and Furnace on 25 June

You are advised to plan for alternative arrangements in the off-chance that routes in and out of the city will be adversely affected - keep updated by visiting the social media channels and websites of the three main railway companies.