Where is my polling station? Where to vote in Liverpool local elections 2022 - and opening and closing times

If you are intending on voting in-person during the Liverpool City Region local elections, you will need to visit a polling station to issue your ballot.

Get your ballots at the ready as local elections across a number of local authorities have begun.

Local elections are a great opportunity for residents to make their voices heard regarding certain issues and how they want them to be managed.

Are you registered to vote and are left unsure as to what polling station you need to visit on polling day? LiverpoolWorld has you covered.

Here is everything you need to know.

When are the local elections across Liverpool City Region?

Local council elections are set to take place across the United Kingdom at the beginning of May.

Polls will open from 7 am to 10 pm on Thursday, 5 May 2022.

Five of the six councils that make up Liverpool City Region will be holding a local election this year.

Seats are up for grabs in the likes of Sefton, Knowsley, St Helens, Halton and Wirral.

However, Liverpool City Council will not be holding a local election in 2022.

How do I find out what local council I qualify for?

If you are unsure as to what local authority you are qualified to vote at during the 2022 elections, enter your postcode into the official government finder.

After entering, you should then be given the name of your local council.

Where are the polling stations located in my local area?

The move has been criticised by members of the Labour party (Photo: Shutterstock)

If you are intending on voting in-person during the Liverpool City Region local elections, you will need to visit a polling station to issue your ballot.

As long as you are a fully registered voter, you should have received your poll card which should name your assigned polling station.

Here are examples of polling stations at each of the five local authorities that are holding elections in Liverpool City Region:


  • St. Giles Centre, Aintree Lane, L10 8LE 
  • Maghull Town Hall, Maghull, L31 7BB
  • Aintree Youth and Community Centre, L10 6NJ


  • Court Hey Methodist Church, Roby Road, L14 3NU
  • New Hutte Neighbourhood Centre, L26 1TT
  • Arncliffe Sports and Community Centre, L25 9PA

St Helens

  • St Anns Millenium Centre, Rainhill, L35 0LE
  • Longton Lane Primary School, L35 8PB
  • St Matthew’s Church, Eccleston Park, L34 2QB


  • Hale Village Hall, Hale, L24 4AF 
  • Milner Institute, Runcorn Road, WA4 6UB
  • Holy Trinity Church, Runcorn, WA7 1BJ


  • Little Centre Beachwood, Fifth Avenue, CH43 9LB
  • Birkenhead Town Hall, Hamilton Square, CH41 5BR
  • All Saints Church Hall, Church Road, CH63 1JP

To find out where your local polling station is located, you can enter your postcode into a finder to find out.

What are the opening times of polling stations in Liverpool City Region?

All polling stations across the United Kingdom are open from 7 am to 10 pm on Thursday, 5 May.

What do I do when I visit a polling station on polling day?

Not enough candidates stood at the 2019 election

If you are voting in-person on polling day, you will need to visit a polling station on the day of the local elections.

Polling stations are always open from 7 am to 10 pm - but you can not choose which one to visit, as you are usually assigned one on your poll card.

When you arrive at the polling station, you will need to tell an official your name and address so they can check you are on the electoral register.

You can show your poll card, but these are not required to vote.

After crossing your name off the list, you will be handed a ballot paper and make your way to a private polling booth to cast your vote.

Take your time to read everything properly before marking next to the candidate that you wish to vote for.

When you have finished, fold the ballot and post it into a ballot box, which later in the day will be taken away to be counted.

And that’s it. You have officially voted during the Liverpool City Region local elections.