Liverpool City Region local election candidates 2022: who is standing and when is the vote?

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Liverpool City Council is not holding an election in 2022, but other local authorites in Liverpool City Region will be today.

Make sure your ballots are ready as local council elections across the Liverpool region are about to get underway.

Local elections are important avenues for residents to make their voices heard and count when it comes to local issues and how they want them to be managed.

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Albert Dock and Salthouse  House Dock. Image: shaunjeffers - stock.adobe.comAlbert Dock and Salthouse  House Dock. Image: shaunjeffers -
Albert Dock and Salthouse House Dock. Image: shaunjeffers -

Across Liverpool City Region, the election at Wirral Council is set to be the key battleground, with the local authority having no majority despite currently being held by Labour.

So who are the candidates running at each election? Here is everything you need to know.

When are the local elections?

Polling stations will open on Thursday, 5 May.

You can issue your vote from 7 am to 10 pm.

Votes will be counted and the declaration of the results will take place on Friday, 6 May.

How do I register to vote?

In order to make your voice heard at the local elections across the Liverpool region this year, you must be registered.

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You could register online via the official government website , but the deadline to register has now passed (Thursday, 14 April).

If you are unable to vote in-person at a polling station, you can vote by post or proxy - the deadline to register for both being Tuesday, 19 April at 5 pm.

Which candidates are standing at the local council elections across Liverpool City Region?

Stock ballot box imageStock ballot box image
Stock ballot box image

Here is a full list of all candidates standing for seats at local elections across Liverpool City Region:

Wirral Council


  • Brenda Joyce Ashton - Labour Party
  • Judith Deborah Grier - The Green Party
  • Nicola Jane Oakley - The Conservative Party
  • Robert Noel Thompson - Liberal Democrats

Bidston & St James

  • Jayne Clough - The Green Party
  • Liz Grey - Labour Party
  • Mike Parsons - Liberal Democrats
  • Tina McDonnell - The Conservative Party

Birkenhead & Tranmere (Two Councillors to be elected)

  • Amanda Onwuemene - The Green Party
  • Colin Young - The Conservative Party
  • Edward Peter Smith - Liberal Democrats
  • Mike Clements - The Conservative Party
  • Pat Cleary - The Green Party
  • Paul Charles Jobson - Labour Party
  • Ross Alexander Campbell - Liberal Democrats
  • Tony Murphy - Labour Party


  • Edward John Lamb - The Green Party
  • Graham Davies - The Conservative Party
  • Sue Percy - Labour Party
  • Vicky Downie - Liberal Democrats


  • Christopher Raymond - Liberal Democrats
  • Jim McGinley - The Green Party
  • Mary Jordan - The Conservative Party
  • Thomas Laing - Labour Party


  • Andy Hodson - The Conservative Party
  • Gary Bergin - For Britain
  • Gillian Wood - Labour Party
  • Liz Heydon - The Green Party
  • Robert Evans - Liberal Democrats


  • Christopher Carubia - Liberal Democrats
  • Denise Crossley-Williams - The Conservative Party
  • Nicole Williams - Labour Party
  • Percy Hogg - The Green Party

Greasby, Frankby and Irby

  • Cathy Page - The Green Party
  • Gail Jenkinson - Labour Party
  • Michael Redfern - Liberal Democrats
  • Tracy Elzeiny - The Conservative Party


  • Ann Ainsworth - Labour Party
  • Barbara Burton - The Green Party
  • Lucy Johnson - Liberal Democrats
  • Paul Connolly - The Conservative Party

Hoylake and Meols

  • Alix Cockcroft - The Green Party
  • Tony Cox - The Conservative Party
  • John Ellis - Independent
  • Peter Reisdorf - Liberal Democrats
  • David Sindall - Labour Party

Leasowe and Moreton East

  • Debbie Caplin - The Conservative Party
  • Angie Davies - Labour Party
  • Chase Newton - Liberal Democrats
  • Hannah Rapley - The Green Party


  • Francis Doyle - Liberal Democrats
  • Jane Owens - The Conservative Party
  • Perle Sheldricks - The Green Party
  • Janette Williamson - Labour Party

Moreton West and Saughall Massie

  • Hilary Cullen - The Green Party
  • James Laing - Labour Party
  • Christopher Teggin - Liberal Democrats
  • Vida Wilson - The Conservative Party

New Brighton

  • Adam Keenan - Liberal Democrats
  • Darren May - The Conservative Party
  • Sue Powell-Wilde - Labour Party
  • Cynthia Stonall - The Green Party


  • Allan Brame - Lib Dem
  • Philip Griffiths - UKIP
  • Rachel Heydon - Green
  • Susan Mahoney - Labour
  • Philip Merry - Conservative

Pensby and Thingwall

  • Allen Burton - Green Party
  • Leah Fraser - Conservative
  • Finlay Gordon - Labour
  • Phil Waterfield - Lib Dem


  • Naomi Graham - Green Party
  • William Harland - Conservative
  • Julienne McGeough - Labour
  • David Tyrrell - Lib Dem

Rock Ferry

  • Chris Davies - Labour
  • Stephen Davies - Independent
  • Craig McDonald - Green Party
  • Simon Mendies - Conservative
  • Tom Sutton - Lib Dem


  • Bobby Cartwright - Conservative
  • John Hoey - Labour
  • Anthony Morris Lib Dem
  • Rae Voller - Green


  • Stephen Bennett - Labour
  • Lily Clough - Green
  • Alan Davies -Lib Dem
  • David Fairbairn - Conservative


  • Andrew Bennett - Labour
  • John Codling - Lib Dem
  • Moira Gommon - Green
  • Lesley Rennie - Conservative

West Kirby & Thurstaston

  • Jeff Green - The Conservative Party
  • John Mullins - Liberal Democrats
  • Lawrence Monk - Northern Independance Party
  • Louise Ann Reecejones - Labour and Co-operative Party
  • Yvonne McGinley - The Green Party

St. Helen’s

Billinge and Seneley Green

  •  Colin Richard Betts (Independent)
  • Gareth William Cross (Labour)
  • Denise Anne Gibney (Conservatives)
  • Dennis McDonnell (Labour)
  • Sue Murphy (Labour)
  • Peter Peers (Independent)
  • Malcolm James Webster (Independent)


  • Anthony James Burns (Labour)
  • Melanie Ann Marie Lee (Conservatives)
  • Linda Lovina Maloney (Labour)
  • Paul McQuade (Labour)
  • Jessica Northey (Green)
  • Emma Carolyn van der Burg (Green)

Bold and Lea Green

  • David Edward Hawley (Green)
  • Jim Housley (Labour)
  • Allen John Makin (Green)
  • Charlie Preston (Labour)
  • Lisa Preston (Labour)
  • Glen Roger Richards (Green)
  • Barbara Evelyn Woodcock (Conservative)


  • Mackenzie France (Conservative)
  • Michael Haw (Liberal Democrat)
  • Glyn Robert Jones (Labour)
  • Geoff Pearl (Liberal Democrat)
  • Teresa Veronica Sims (Liberal Democrat)


  • Matthew Peter Butterworth (Labour)
  • Judith Margaret Collins (Conservative)
  • Paul Robert Hooton (Green)
  • Paul Joseph Pritchard (Labour)
  • Amy Louise Sample (Labour)
  • Janet Ann Sheldon (Green)
  • David Ian van der Burg (Green)

Moss Bank

  • Zeena Iysha Begum (Labour)
  • Tracy Paula Dickinson (Labour)
  • Margaret Hilda Harvey (Conservative)
  • David Kent (Liberal Democrat)
  • Jane Patricia Kent (Liberal Democrat)
  • Trisha Long (Labour)
  • Paul John Wilcock (Independent)

Newton-le-Willows East

  • Jeanie Bell (Labour)
  • Lisa Cunliffe (Conservative)
  • Seve Gomez-Aspron (Labour)
  • Keith Anthony Laird (Labour)
  • David James Smith (Liberal Democrat)

Newton-le-Willows West

  • Dave Banks (Labour)
  • Jeanette Susan Banks (Labour)
  • Karl Lionel Collier (Independent)
  • Andy Davidson (Labour)
  • Allan Albert Dockerty (Conservative)
  • Terry Maguire (Independent)
  • Craig Colin Alexander Smith (Independent)


  • Andy Bowden (Labour)
  • Kate Groucutt (Labour)
  • Bisi Osundeko (Labour)
  • Madeleine Patricia Wilcock (Conservative)
  • Peasley Cross and Fingerpost:
  • Iris Brown (Conservative)
  • Alison Jill Donnelly (Green)
  • Damien Patrick O’Connor (Labour)


  • John Case (Conservative)
  • Anne Linda Mussell (Conservative)
  • John Francis Tabern (Labour)


  • Emma Davies (Labour)
  • Donna Greaves (Independent)
  • Barrie Grunewald (Labour)
  • Ken Rustidge (Labour)
  • Henry Spriggs (Conservative)
  • Kate Elizabeth Stevenson (Independent)
  • James Stephen Tasker (Independent)

St Helens Town Centre

  • Nancy Ashcroft (Conservative)
  • Anne Helen McCormack (Labour)
  • Terence Matthew Oakes (For Britain Movement)
  • Michelle Elaine Sweeney (Labour)

Sutton North West

  • Niall Peter Andrew Campbell (Labour)
  • John William Hodkinson (Labour)
  • David Leslie Skeech (Conservative)
  • Francis Joseph Williams (Green)

Sutton South East

  • Deepak Shatrugan Gupta (Conservative)
  • Anthony Albert Johnson (Labour)
  • Janet Elizabeth Johnson (Labour)
  • Brian Thomas Spencer (Liberal Democrat)

Thatto Heath

  • Nova Louise Charlton (Labour)
  • Robyn Olivia Hattersley (Labour)
  • Richard McCauley (Labour)
  • Samantha Ann Pearson Peet (Conservative)
  • Terence Stephen Price (Green)

West Park

  • Richard Barton (Conservative)
  • Martin James Bond (Labour)
  • Derek Paul Long (Labour)
  • Marlene Mary Quinn (Labour)


  • David Edward Baines (Labour)
  • Lynn Susan Clarke (Labour)
  • John Philip Cunliffe (Conservative)
  • Andrew William Donnelly (Green)
  • Mancyia Uddin (Labour)

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Cherryfield Ward

  • Les Connor (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • David Mark Lonergan (Labour)

Halewood North

  • Suzanne Carole Harvey (Independent)
  • Terry Powell (Labour)

Halewood South

  • Joanne Christine Harvey (Independent)
  • Clare Louise Rose (Labour)


  • Harry Langford Bell (Labour)
  • Neil John Dunne (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Matthew David Kirwan (Green Party)

Page Moss

  • Robert Austin (Labour and Co-operative Party)
  • John Douglas Carine (Green Party)

Prescot North

  • Thomas Grierson (Labour)
  • Aaron Waters (Conservative)
  • Frances Elizabeth Wynn (Lib Dem)

Prescot South

  • Carl Robert Cross (Conservative)
  • Dena Elizabeth Fairclough (Labour)
  • Kai Anthony Taylor (Green Party)


  • Kevin Paul Bannon (Labour)
  • Paul Woodruff (Green Party)


  • Jen Bamber (Independent)
  • David Paul Davis (Conservative)
  • Christine Joanne Marie Dillon (For Britain)
  • Tommy Rowe (Labour)

St Gabriels

  • Tracy Diane Agger (Labour)
  • Cath Golding (Green Party)

St Michaels

  • Tony Ely (Labour)
  • Thomas Gerard Large (Green Party)
  • James Lim Madine (Lib Dem)


  • Dennis John Baum (Labour)
  • James Brian Taylor (Green Party)


  • Colin Dever (Labour)
  • Will Finnan (Conservative)
  • Graham Charles Golding (Green Party)

Whiston and Cronton

  • Denise Allen (Labour)
  • Sandra Elaine Gaffney (Green Party)

Whitefield Ward

  • Steve Guy (Independent)
  • Louise Margent Harbour (Labour and Co-operative Party)

Halton Borough Council


  • Duncan James Robert Harper (Conservative)
  • Angela Teeling (Labour)


  • Laura Jane Bevan (Labour)
  • David James Dorian (Halton)
  • Keith David McCann (Independent)

Beechwood and Heath

  • Rhona Margaret Bentley (Independent)
  • Craig Butcher (Labour)
  • Danny Clarke (Conservative and Unionist)
  • Gareth Charles Stockton (Lib Dem)


  • Mike Fry (Labour)
  • Matthew Healey (Green Party)
  • John Robert Powell (Conservative)
  • Andrew Peter Teebay (Lib Dem)


  • Dylan Anthony Eaton (Conservative)
  • Emma Louise Garner (Labour)
  • Suzanne Nicola Howard (Lib Dem)

Central and West Bank

  • Colleen Mary Harper (Conservative)
  • Noel Hutchinson (Labour)

Daresbury, Moore & Sandymoor

  • Sian Fiona Alexandra Davidson (Conservative)
  • Anna Christina Hutchinson (Labour)
  • Richard Stephen Kinchin (Green)

Ditton, Hale Village & Halebank

  • Philip Harper (Conservative)
  • Marie Wright (Labour)


  • Ann Elizabeth Dawson (Conservative)
  • Val Hill (Labour)


  • Mark David Dennett (Labour)
  • Jonathan Neil Howard (Lib Dem)

Halton Castle

  • Christopher Martin Carlin (Labour)
  • Iain James Ferguson (Green)
  • Peter Heatley (Conservative)
  • Darrin David Whyte (Independent)

Halton Lea

  • Ashlee Brown (Green)
  • Sandra Margarett Davidson (Conservative and Unionist)
  • Laura Hodge (Lib Dem)
  • Alan Archie Lowe (Labour)

Halton View

  • Louise Elizabeth Nolan (Labour)
  • Julie Powell (Conservative)


  • Steve Dowdeswell (Independent)
  • Bob Gilligan (Labour)
  • James Robert Matthias (Conservative)

Hough Green

  • Phil Harris (Labour)
  • Tracey Claire Miller (Green Party)
  • Lyn Ruth Nguzo (Conservative)

Mersey and Weston

  • Daniel Baker (Conservative)
  • Norman Lee Plumpton-Walsh (Labour)
  • Linda Redhead (Lib Dem)
  • Jill Rowe (Independent)

Norton North

  • Gary Paul Cargill (Green Party)
  • Peter Davidson (Conservative)
  • Diane Marie Inch (Lib Dem)
  • Geoffrey Michael Logan (Labour)
  • Graham John Porter (Independent)

Norton South and Preston Brook

  • Adam Burnett (Conservative)
  • Miriam Lorraine Hodge (Lib Dem)
  • Martha Lloyd Jones (Labour)
  • Craig Michael Wyna (Independent)

Sefton Council

Ainsdale Ward

  • Tony Brough (Conservative)
  • Lesley Delves (Lib Dem)
  • Janet Harrison (Labour)
  • Laurence George Rankin (Green Party)


  • Ian Malcolm Brodie Brown (Lib Dem)
  • David William Collins (Green Party)
  • Lee Anthony Durkin (Conservative)
  • Daniel Gordon Mckee (Labour)


  • Harry Bliss (Conservative)
  • Natasha Olivia Carlin (Labour)
  • Brian Frederick Dunning (Lib Dem)


  • Carla Fox (Green Party)
  • Mike Morris (Conservative)
  • Michael Robert Sammon (Lib Dem)
  • Ian Upton (Labour)


  • John Graham Campbell (Conservative)
  • Neil Anthony Doolin (Green Party)
  • Daren Veidman (Labour)


  • John McDonald (Independent)
  • Daniel Paul Nuttall (Conservative)
  • Brenda O’Brien (Labour)


  • Jo Barton (Lib Dem)
  • Laura Louise Lunn-Bates (Labour)
  • Trevor James Vaughan (Labour)
  • Ron Watson (Conservative)


  • Elizabeth Claire Dowd (Labour)
  • Chris Doyle
  • Chris Haws (Workers Party)
  • Margaret Middleton (Conservative)


  • Aimee Louise Brodie (Formby Action Group)
  • Denise Dutton (Conservative)
  • Annie Gorski (Lib Dem)
  • Carol Ann Richards (Labour)
  • Michael James Walsh (Green Party)


  • Janis Mary Blackburne (Labour)
  • Vic Foulds (Lib Dem)
  • Laura Louise Lunn-Bates (Labour)
  • Laura Elizabeth Nuttall (Conservative)


  • Lynne Margaret Bold (Conservative)
  • Lisa Ford (Independent)
  • Gordon Friel (Labour)


  • Molli Louise Patricia Cooke (Independent)
  • Billie Jo Gibson (Northern Independance Party)
  • John Kelly (Labour)
  • Stephen Witham (Conservative)


  • Janice Blanchard (Conservative)
  • John Philip Robson Gibson (Lib Dem)
  • James Stephen McGinnity (Labour)
  • James David O’Keefe (Green Party)


  • Thomas Andrew De Freitas (Conservative)
  • Pauline Ann Hesketh (Green Party)
  • Stephen James Jowett (Labour)
  • Gareth Lloyd-Johnson (Lib Dem)


  • Marcus Julian Romaine Bleasdale (Conservative)
  • Danny Burns (Labour)
  • Tony Carr (Independent)

Netherton and Orrel

  • Andrew Joseph Burgess (Conservative)
  • Ian Ralph Maher (Labour)
  • John Philip Rice (Independent)


  • Mhairi McLeod Johnstone Doyle (Labour)
  • David Andrew McIntosh (Green Party)
  • Pam Teesdale (Conservative)
  • Stuart Brian Williams (Lib Dem)


  • June Burns (Labour)
  • Roy Greason (Green Party)
  • Kenneth Michael Hughes 
  • Daniel Sims (Conservative)
  • Neil Spencer


  • Alison Moira Gibbon (Green Party)
  • Nina Samantha Killen (Labour)
  • Bob McCann (Formby Action Group)
  • Michael James Shaw (Conservative)


  • Emily Baker (Lib Dem)
  • Judy Hardman (Labour)
  • Thomas Henry Hughes
  • Paul Francis McCord (Workers Party)
  • Yvonne Sayers (Independent)
  • Morgan Walton (Conservative)


  • Katie Maria Burgess (Conservative)
  • Samantha Lauren Cook (Green)
  • Hannah Gee (Lib Dem)
  • Jan Grace (Labour)

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