'Absolutely disgraceful' - Pat Nevin slams Everton's latest charges and makes simple transfer point

The ex-Everton player has sympathised with his former club after they were charged again by the Premier League.
Pat Nevin, former Everton playerPat Nevin, former Everton player
Pat Nevin, former Everton player

Ex-Everton star Pat Nevin has hit out at the Premier League following their decision to charge his former club.

Nevin, who played for Everton over 100 times in four years between 1988 and 1992, believes the charges brought against the club are simply unfair especially given their net spend has been in the positive across the past three years. The Toffees have already received a 10 point deduction this season and now they've been charged again, alongside Nottingham Forest, after exceeding £105m in losses permitted over a three-year period.

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Speaking to OCB Scores, Nevin slammed the decision, brandishing it as 'absolutely disgraceful' and claiming that it simply isn't fair given that the financials are clear to see from a transfer standpoint. “Over the last three years, Everton have had a net overspend of around £20m, that’s the left leg of a decent striker." He began.

"That’s the level we’re talking about. It’s a mad scale amount of money. It’s the way a loan was structured, that’s the level you’re talking about with Everton so for the club to be given a fine, a warning or even being deducted a point that’s fine but to be deducted 10 points was absolutely disgraceful. It was grossly unfair. I’ve not worked out why it’s been done." He added: "Maybe football needs to show it’s got things in order before the government muscles in and tries to take control of the situation even if that sacrificial lamb had to be Everton or Nottingham Forest to get these sanctions, but does it feel right? Absolutely not.

"Everton have been very open about their financial situation. As someone that has a real passion for Everton and the amount of money they’ve spent compared to everyone else, how they have had to fight for a good position in the league and to be hit by FFP, I find it unbelievably upsetting. 

“Without FFP, they would be on 27 points. For a team that has suffered and had to sell the likes of Richarlison. The two clubs that are just above them would have been Newcastle and Chelsea, you think what a job they’ve done to be competitive again with that kick in the teeth. As a fan, I’m upset. If you’re the Chief Financial Officer of lots of other clubs in the league, you’ll now be worried.”