Everton injury update on Andros Townsend as clear pre-season target is set

Andros Townsend is recovering from a knee injury he suffered against Crystal Palace last month.

Andros Townsend has set his sights on being back fit for Everton in three months’ time.

In what Townsend described as a 'freak injury' he ruptured his ACL in the Toffees’ 4-0 loss to Crystal Palace in the FA Cup quarter-finals at Selhurst Park.

It meant the 30-year-old was sidelined for the business end of the season as Everton avoided Premier League relegation in dramatic circumstances.

What’s been said

Speaking to talkSPORT, Townsend said that it takes between 6-9 months to return to action safely from his setback.

He is determined to come back as quickly as possible - and hopes to be running on the grass during the pre-season period.

Townsend said: “At the moment, I'm just in the gym, loading in the gym trying to strengthen the knee and the muscles around the knee.

“Hopefully, when pre-season starts, I'll be back on the grass at some point then I'm still a few months away.

“The standard for an ACL injury is 6-9 months. I'm almost at three months so I'm either halfway or a third of the way through.

“It was a freak injury and all those injuries are freak. If I take it back before then, after the manager came in, Frank Lampard, I hadn't really got a chance and this was my big chance to show him what I could do.

“We started fast, we were pressing them and that's how the injury came. I closed down the clearance and blocked the clearance with my wrong foot.

“If you watch it in slow motion, as I'm looking for somewhere to put my foot, I put it too far out. My knee went in and gave way.

“It's one of those freak incidents that can happen at any time.

“I want to be positive and aim for the minimum. Safely, the minimum is six months so I'd like to think I am halfway there.

“I'm already battering the physios, putting pressure on them because I want to be outside.”