Jurgen Klopp issues verdict on Liverpool’s defeat to Man Utd and details injury issues

Jurgen Klopp has issued his verdict on Liverpool’s performance in their 2-1 away defeat to rivals Manchester United on Monday night.

Jurgen Klopp refused to be overly critical of his side’s performance during their defeat to Manchester United.

Liverpool slumped to a 2-1 away defeat to United after a very poor performance at Old Trafford.

The Reds were off the mark from the first whistle against an energetic United side, who picked up their first win of the season.

Liverpool remain winless, now seven points behind leaders Arsenal, and they are losing ground rapidly amid their poor start.

Injuries certainly have not helped, but those injuries were not an excuse for the level of desire and execution shown at Old Trafford on Monday night.

Still, Klopp refused to be overly critical of his side after the game, telling Sky Sports: “I thought they (United) were really aggressive in the beginning. Reality shows if you are really ready.

“They were more aggressive than us. It was a hectic game, they have the first chance and they score the goal. They took over.

“They played the game they wanted to play. We were unlucky at times, it would have been helpful to go in 1-1 or whatever.

“We showed the boys some situations where we wanted to be in the box not passing around.

“We concede the second one, and that doesn’t help. We score ours and it’s hectic, but definitely not the one we wanted.”

Asked if United were more ready for the game, Klopp responded: “Maybe they were. That’s not right, but we had an extreme number of shots for an away game at United.

“We should use more of these moments. De Gea makes a fantastic save, and if we score in a moment like this, the game changes.”

Klopp was asked about the confrontations between James Milner and Virgil van Dijk during the game.

“It’s how it is when you are in a game like this and you are fighting,” he responded. “The drive was always the same and never different.

Manchester United beat Liverpool 2-1 on Monday night. Credit: Getty.
Manchester United beat Liverpool 2-1 on Monday night. Credit: Getty.
Manchester United beat Liverpool 2-1 on Monday night. Credit: Getty.

“On the pitch there is a conversation but that is it.”

Liverpool have been battling a difficult injury situation early in the season, and Klopp admitted they are now treading a fine line as their treatment room gets busier.

”We have a difficult situation injury-wise,” added the Reds boss. “We get through the week with 13/14 senior players, and we have to make sure they don’t get injured because there are no more options now.

“It sounds rediculous, but we should have won this game. That’s how I see it.”