The nine best places to get a kebab in Liverpool, according to Google reviews and hygiene ratings

From doner and sheesh to kofta and adana, these restaurants and takeaways offer the full range of kebabs and are rated highly by customers and food inspectors.

Some people may assume a kebab is just something to guzzle down after night out. They would be wrong. Very wrong. The delectable cuisine has been honed and finessed over centuries as it spread across the Middle East, Mediterranean and Southern Asia.

Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, India and many more countries have their own iteration of the humble kebab. They can be cooked over fires, in charcoal pits, on a spit roast and in clay ovens. There’s a huge variety to try - ranging from doner and sheesh, to kofta and adana, or, shawarma and seekh. And the good news is, you can get them all in Liverpool. But how do you decide which eatery to rush off to first?

We have done the hard work for you and created a list of the best restaurants and takeaways in the city, by combining Google Reviews from customers and food hygiene ratings from the Food Standards Agency.

Each venue has at least 300 reviews, 4.1 stars or more on Google and a five star rating from health inspectors. So, from Botan to Shiraz Palace, here are the best* kebab places in Liverpool, in alphabetical order.

*Please note, some highly rated venues were ‘awaiting food hygiene inspections’ or ratings could not be found, and have not been included.