Father-of-five found dead by daughter on Stena Line ferry on trip to Liverpool

The man was travelling with his son and daughter when he died suddenly.

A 52 year-old father-of-five, is reported to have died suddenly on board a ferry traveling from Dublin to Holyhead.

Jon Morley, who was on his way to meet friends in Liverpool, was found dead by his daughter 20 minutes into the journey.

Mr. Morley is said to have lived in Liverpool for more than decade before returning home to Ireland where he lived.

“It came completely out of the blue,” said one relatve.

“He seemed fit and healthy -absolutely devastated. It absolutely came as a shock.

“We knew he was going to Liverpool for a couple of days with the kids to see friends but this is the last thing we would have expected,” the relative added.

The relative also explained how Mr. Morley reported feeling tired and descided to rest however when his daughter attempted to rouse him, he was unresponsive.