Liverpool weather: what’s the 14 day Met Office forecast, will we see sun and will there be a May heatwave?

The summer is fast approaching as Liverpudlians hope for a sun-soaked May heatwave - is that going to happen?

Summer is a time when families and friends rush out to the nearest beach, ready their sun lotion and bask in the rays hoping to catch a tan.

It’s also a perfect time to plan some of the many activities in and around Liverpool or maybe a spring walk or two.

All of this hinges on the weather, with people up and down the country hoping for warming temperatures of mid-to-high 20℃.

Will that be the case in Liverpool? Will there be a May 2022 heatwave? Here is everything you need to know.

What is the weather forecast in Liverpool for the next 14 days?

The Met Office and AccuWeather has issued the following daily forecast for Liverpool (Merseyside) over the next two-weeks:

  • 21 April: Sunny intervals, cloudy in the afternoon (17℃)
  • 22 April: Cloudy early on, sunny intervals by early evening (15℃)
  • 23 April: Cloudy early on, sunny intervals by afternoon (15℃)
  • 24 April: Sunny early on, cloudy by lunchtime (15℃)
  • 25 April: Sunny intervals, overcast by lunchtime (13℃)
  • 26 April: Cloudy all day (13℃)
  • 27 April: Mostly cloudy all day (13℃)
  • 28 April: Mostly cloudy all day (13℃)
  • 29 April: Rainy in the morning, cloudy (12℃)
  • 30 April: Rainy in the morning, sporadic showers later on (13℃)
  • 1 May: Some sun, patchy rain in morning, afternoon showers (13℃)
  • 2 May: Rainy in the morning, cloudy (13℃)
  • 3 May: Periods of rain all day (13℃)
  • 4 May: Some clouds, mostly sunshine (11℃)

Will there be a heatwave across Liverpool in May?

Sandy Crosby Beach near Liverpool on a sunny day. Unusual hot summer in Great Britain. This is the North West Coast of England, United Kingdom

A heatwave is understood to be a period of three straight days when the maximum temperature reaches or exceeds around 32.2℃.

The month of May is set to be an otherwise mild one across the city of Liverpool, with temperatures rarely if at all reaching the 20℃ mark.

Otherwise, it is largely dry throughout May, with various sunny intervals and sporadic rainfall.

What was the hottest summer on record in the UK?

The summer of 1976 is widely regarded as one of, if not the hottest summer on record in the UK.

A heatwave that lasted for 15 consecutive days from 23 June to 7 July,  became so serious that the government appointed a Minister for Drought in hope to get the country to save water.

The hottest day of the summer of 1976 was 3 July with temperatures reaching as high as 35.9℃ in areas such as Cheltenham.

What is the Met Office long-range weather forecast for the UK?

The Met Office has issued the following long-range weather forecast for the United Kingdom from Tuesday, 3 May to Wednesday 18 May.

“Conditions are likely to become more settled and mainly dry across the whole of the UK as we move into early May. Temperatures likely to be close to or above normal for this time of year.” it says.

“Becoming more settled into early May, with a good deal of fine conditions for most through the remainder of the period.

“A chance of some brief unsettled periods at times. Temperatures are most likely to be above normal.”

*Long-range weather forecasts are known to change