Liverpool fans ‘treated like cattle’ and children crying as tear gas used before Champions League final

The 2022 Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid has been delayed.

Liverpool fans have been ‘treated like cattle’ and hit by tear gas amid delays entering the stadium for the Champions League final in Paris.

Thousands of Kopites hit problems trying to gain entry to the Stade de France for the showpiece encounter against Real Madrid.

Kick-off was been delayed by 30 minutes until 20.30 BST.

One Reds supporter stuck outside told LiverpoolWorld he arrived at the ground two hours before kick-off.

He said: “We’re being treated like cattle. We’ve been tear gassed.

“Little kids are crying. We were here two hours before kick-off.

“From what I can see, no-one is bunking in without a ticket.”

A statement on a big screen inside the stadium said: “Due to the an [sic] security issue, the match has been delayed.

“Further information will follow in 15 minutes maximum.”

Other suggestions are that pepper spray has been used rather than tear gas.

Liverpool Women and Academy press officer Andy Kelly wrote on Twitter: “Fans queuing outside with tickets for a gate that’s been shut for no reason just been tear gassed.

“Throughly unpleasant experience and so dangerous. This isn’t how fans should be treated in a civilised society. Unacceptable.”