Peter Kay Liverpool 2022: tickets for Peter Kay’s Dance for Life at M&S Bank Arena Liverpool, 2023 tour news

The comedian has reportedly lined-up ‘huge venues’ throughout the UK as he prepares to tour in 2023 - but are tickets still available for his return in a Liverpool double header later this year? Let’s find out.

After stepping back from the public eye in 2017 due to ‘unforeseen family circumstances’, Peter Kay is set to return to the stage when he visits Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena this year.

As part of his ‘Dance for Life’ tour in 2022 - which is set up to raise money for Cancer Research UK - the comedian will perform at a number of the biggest venues across the country with his iconic and hilarious stand-up routine.

Not only that, but there are reports that Peter Kay is readying for a huge tour in 2023 too, but are they true?

Here is everything you need to know about the comedian’s visit to Liverpool in 2022, such as how to get tickets and what to expect - plus will there be a tour in 2023.

When is Peter Kay’s show in Liverpool?

Peter Kay is scheduled to visit Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena on two separate occasions as a part of his ‘Dance for Life’ tour in 2022.

It will take place on Friday, 19 August and Saturday, 20 August.

Each show is expected to start at 6:30 pm in the evening.

Where else will Peter Kay perform?

So far at the time of publication, the two Liverpool shows are the only ones from the ‘Dance for Life’ tour in 2022 that have been given a rescheduled date.

Before the tour was delayed back in 2017 due to Peter Kay’s personal circumstances, the comedian was due to play in the following venues:

  • Manchester Central, Manchester
  • M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool
  • Alexandra Palace, London

How can I get tickets to the Liverpool show?

There is huge demand for tickets to Peter Kay’s return to touring when he visits Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena in August 2022.

At the time of publication, there is very limited availability for both of the 48-year-old’s shows in the city.

According to the event’s ticketing partner Ticketmaster, general admission for the 19 August show is completely sold out, with only one ticket available on resale priced at £37.53.

A similar case for the 20 August show too, which is completely sold out with one ticket available on resale from £37.53.

If for whatever reason you are desperate for a ticket to Peter Kay’s tour dates in Liverpool in 2022, keep an eye on ticketing exchange websites such as Viagogo and Twickets.

Will Peter Kay tour in 2023?

According to numerous reports, Peter Kay is set to make his long-awaited return to touring, with a number of the UK’s biggest entertainment venues and arenas lined up.

His last show dates back to 2011, but sources state that the Farnworth-born comic will visit the likes of Manchester, London and Birmingham during the currently unannounced 2023 tour.

Jason Manford
Jason Manford
Jason Manford

One of his closest friends, fellow comedian Jason Manford, told a Dublin radio station (FM104) that fan’s should keep an eye out for a huge Peter Kay tour:

“He’s great, Pete. We’ve known each other a long time, it must be 25 years. It’s been a hell of a ride,” said Jason, 40.

“He’s just an absolute legend isn’t he? What a treasure. Hopefully back himself soon, doing stand-up, so keep your eye out for his tour. Not that he needs you to buy a ticket as much as I do.”

Reports suggest that Peter Kay will announce a huge 2023 tour in September of this year - bringing an end to a near-12-year absence from the stage.

Who is Peter Kay?

Peter Kay is a stand-up comedian from Bolton who is most known for his TV show Phoenix Nights.

His parody film Britain’s Got the Pop Factor, saw him reach number two in the UK singles chart in 2008.

His most recent show, Car share aired on BBC Three and ran for two seasons.

The 48-year-old stepped back from public life after cancelling his stand-up tour in 2017.

However, he has started performing again recently, hosting the charity Dance for Life dance-a-thons, in aid of Cancer Research UK.