Earth Day 2022 in Liverpool: date, what is it, and activities and events for kids and adults near me

Earth Day 2022 is upon us, a day devoted to raising awareness and promoting discourse regarding the future of our planet.

Earth Day offers people across the globe a chance to focus their attention on the planet and the many challenges it faces.

Whether it be the ongoing climate crisis or plastic pollution, there are a host of different difficulties.

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It’s an event that acts as not just a reminder of these tribulations, but offers everyone a chance to appreciate our planet.

Here is everything you need to know about Earth Day 2022.

When is Earth Day 2022?

Earth Day is celebrated on the same date every year, no matter the day of the week it falls on, and is celebrated across the world.

In recent years, the event has stretched out over an entire week, and even on some occasions throughout the month of April.

Earth Day is celebrated on Friday, April 22 in 2022.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day was first commemorated in 1970 to tackle environmental issues like climate change and plastic pollution.

It also marks the beginning of the modern environmental movement.

During this day, people will demonstrate their support for environmental protection, coming together through various events and activities to raise awareness and promote discourse.

It is widely popular and far reaching, with over 1 billion across more than 193 countries taking part, from school kids to political leaders.

This year’s theme is ‘Invest In Our Planet’ as a way to encourage individuals, businesses, and global powers to invest in environmentally beneficial technologies and practices.

Earth Day issued the following statement regarding the theme for this year’s event:

“We need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably),” it reads.

“It’s going to take all of us. All in. Businesses, governments, and citizens — everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable. A partnership for the planet.”

“And while there is still time to solve the climate crisis, time to choose BOTH a prosperous and sustainable future, and time to restore nature and build a healthy planet for our children and their children, time is short.”

What are the origins of Earth Day?

The initial idea for Earth Day came off the back of the 1969 oil spill that hit the coast of Santa Barbara, California.

The US Senator at the time, Gaylord Nelson, wanted to initiate environmental activism along the lines of opposing the Vietnam War.

These efforts led to the first ever Earth Day which occurred in 1970 with 10% of the US population taking part (20 million).

Preceding the first ever Earth Day, a wave of environmentally-focused legislation was mandated in the US.

President Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and Endangered Species Act were approved.

According to the organisation,, Earth Day became an international campaign in 1990.

What events are happening in Liverpool to celebrate Earth Day 2022?

Whenever Earth Day comes around, events and activities to celebrate occur around the world.

There are hundreds of different organised events to celebrate Earth Day 2022 across the United Kingdom.

Here are some Earth Day 2022 events and activities in and near Liverpool:

Liverpool World Museum - Scouse Flowerhouse

Saturday, 23 April - 11 am to 4 pm

As a way to encourage people to preserve and protect the planet and promote a green and sustainable future, Liverpool World Museum have organised a Scouse Flowerhouse event.

At this event, you can come and craft in the name of the movement to protect many of the city’s wildflower gardens, including the meadow on the museum grounds.

You will help collectively build sustainable and biodiverse landscapes, as well as learn about other local organisations and environmentalists.

William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EN

Earth Day Livestream - Nature in the Race to Zero

Friday, 22 April, along with a number of its partners, are presenting an Earth Day Climate Action Summit that everyone can take part in.

The aim of the summit is to inform people of the threats of climate change, as well as the importance of reaching net-zero emissions by the mid-century.

Organisers aim to use this climate summit to put forward a number of solutions to help reach certain goals, as well as motivate individuals, businesses and global powers to get involved.